Is it a virgin? the doctor interrupted her in surprise.

Is it a virgin? the doctor interrupted her in surprise.


Usually, girls start having sex gradually. First, they try petting, then oral sex, and after that, they go all out.

Kira is a spectacular girl, but she celebrated her eighteenth birthday as a virgin, who even never went to a gynecologist. All her relationship did not go further than kissing, and the gynecologist, as she believed, a virgin unnecessarily. She would not have gone to him if she did not need a medical book for a part-time job after school.

After going through all the necessary doctors, the girl entered the office of an uzist, who also turned out to be a gynecologist. The man was just a sight - broad shoulders, regular facial features, and a pumped-up body that was difficult to hide even under a medical gown.

Lying on the couch, Kira shyly said:

- Can you be more careful? Just me…

- Is it a virgin? the doctor interrupted her in surprise.

-Well, yes, and what?

- Lie down and lift your dress.

Suddenly a wave of excitement swept through Kira. The breasts became firm, and the pussy was filled with hot moisture. This has happened before, but only when the girl was watching adult films. If the doctor asked her to surrender to him right now, she would gladly do it.

He began to drive the sensor over his stomach, from each of his movements a hot wave rolled over the girl's entire body and she began to be very worried that the man would notice everything.

Here are the problems due to the fact that you do not have a regular sex life, some spots on the ultrasound ... Take off your bra, look at your breasts.

Kira quickly took off her dress and the top of her underwear. The doctor began to crumple and diligently examine her breasts and write something on the card.

-The chest is large, high, the areoles are even, the nipples are large brown ...

The girl listened in confusion and blushed a little. She thought the gynecologists were looking for another place ...

- Now, if you lost your virginity, it would be easier. the doctor suddenly spoke up again. - We just look at women in the mirror, and with you, there is nothing but torment.

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- Where can I lose her? - Kira laughed.

- Yes, even here! the man smiled. - Apparatus, but not cheap, of course, right in this office. But I need an answer now!

- I agree, of course .. - the girl whispered softly. It- Only very scary.

The doctor smiled and began to undress. He hung his white robe over a chair and folded the rest of his clothes neatly. Kira saw that he had practically no hair on his chest, instead of a beer tummy, the outlines of abs cubes appeared, and the big penis was already stone and pressed against the pubis. She ran her fingers over the hothead, from which the member shuddered and became even harder. It turned out that before she had seen not the latest version of his size, because, after a light touch, he became one and a half times higher and even a little thicker - he was longer than the palm of her hand, and the girl's fingers barely closed, wrapping around it in diameter. While the girl passionately kissed the depraved doctor, she felt the heat spreading along the lower abdomen. Then the man helped her to sit on a chair and began to stroke the labia, gently touching the clitoris with his thumb. Kira tried to reflexively squeeze her slender legs, but the support of the chair did not allow her to do this. The doctor sat down on a chair and slightly wet the girl's pussy with saliva. After that, he began to gently caress her with his tongue. Kira groaned, it was wet and pleasant inside, and her body vibrated with excitement. Putting on a condom, the gynecologist fiddled with his hands a little over her pussy in search of the cherished hole and then pierced the barrier with his stone member. The girl felt a sharp pain, but after a very short time, she retreated, making room for a new feeling of fullness. With each push, the pleasant sensations intensified and soon fell on the young girl with a wave of her first orgasm. Her body arched and began to beat in convulsions of ecstasy, and the member in the vagina began to seem superfluous. However, this was not enough for Kira, and she wanted to continue. As if sensing this, the doctor said:

- Come on, become cancer! - he lowered the girl's legs, turned her ass towards him, and bent her back. - We will arrange your home the way you need it.


There was a note of lust in his voice. Cold fingers penetrated inside Kira's pussy. First, one finger slid inward, then the other. Then the doctor pushed the head of the penis, helping the girl to relax - rubbing her clitoris and smoothing the anal ring, but it was still cramped inside. Every millimeter that the penis moved, the girl felt and experienced all the new sensations. It seemed to her that she was being uncorked like a bottle of red wine. Soon, the dick was already easily sliding over her pussy and the student finished violently again, not holding back in moans.

-And you, it turns out, are a hot girl! the doctor smiled. - By the way, my name is Dima. And then it's somehow uncivilized to fuck you without introducing yourself.

Kira laughed and jumped off his cock. It was still stone, and the condom on it was already slippery and sticky. She took off the rubber band. Dima sat down in a chair, and the girl began stroking her head with her fingers and caressing the man's full balls. He put his hand on her head.

“Well, let's deprive you of oral virginity,” he said and pulled her head to his cock. - Now you are in my mouth, beauty.

Kira pliantly began to lick the head and trunk of the penis. The skin was soft and pleasant to the taste, the girl began to feel like she was sucking on a lollipop. Suddenly, the doctor seemed to be furious - he pushed his penis into the girl's throat and began to move at a very fast pace. It seemed to her that he was reaching for the head of the penis to her tonsils. Then he slowed down the speed of penetration into her mouth, then accelerated like a sex-machine. Kira's throat began to hurt incredibly, and tears welled up in her eyes. Her face turned red, but she continued to endure a hard throat blow-job because all this could be useful to her in the future. A few more minutes of such friction and goosebumps ran through the guy's body. He pulled the cock out of the girl's mouth and released a stream of thick sperm on her face.

“A small fee for a free virginity surgery,” he laughed. - But that's not all.

-From a point of view? - Kira asked in surprise, rubbing her face and neck with a white liquid.

-Well, listen, you've already lost both vaginal and oral virginity. Why do you still need virginity in anal sex? Kill all the birds at once!

-But I don't want to be fucked in the ass! - the girl was indignant. - It hurts terribly, I saw in porn how girls scream in pain!

- Fool .. - the man laughed. - I'll do everything right!

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Kira did not have time to answer, because her mouth was again occupied by Dima's cock. She gently stroked his sensitive head, helping herself with her hand and caressing his testicles with her fingers. Suddenly she wanted to surprise the doctor, and the girl swallowed so deeply that only the balls fluttered at her lips. Holding the penis in her mouth for a couple of seconds, she pushed it out of her throat.

- Well, okay ... - the doctor hoarsely. - I haven't experienced this for a long time. Come here!

He put Kira on the sofa and began to drive her wet member with her wet clit without penetration. Then he moved closer to her breasts, thrust a hard penis between them and tightly squeezed her tits with his hands, and then began to drive the penis into the formed cavity. He was delighted with the large and firm breasts of a young girl and was ready to cum at the same moment, but a more important mission awaited him.

The doctor got down from the beauty and helped her to get up. Having put her cancer, he parted the girl's elastic buttocks and, having wet his finger, began to develop her anus. The hole was stubborn, and at first, the man's index finger barely got inside the ass. Kira tried to relax, and soon two fingers slid down her ass. Deciding that this was the end of the preparation, he slowly pressed his head against the anal ring. The member slowly but surely began to fill the girl's anus. Finding himself completely in Kira's ass, the man mastered the animal feeling and began to master her at a very fast pace, caressing the clitoris with one hand and twisting the nipple with the other. Kira screamed and cursed loudly, for her these were new unknown sensations. At that moment, when the wave of the first simultaneous anal and clitoral orgasm in her life swept through her body, Dima's cock began to ejaculate a new portion of sperm.

Catching his breath, the doctor watched the girl slowly dress and said:

- I knew that such a hot beauty cannot remain a virgin. In a good, sexual way. Well, drop-in, if that.

Kira laughed and went into a new life full of debauchery.