So I became gay.

So I became gay.

The 1990 year. I, a young rural sports guy, was preparing for military service after school, but there was a bummer, at the last commission it turned out that I had flat feet and all my dreams of service had collapsed. In the fall I went to a provincial town and entered the Road Technical School. Since there were no places in the hostel, I had to rent an apartment with amenities in the yard, which was wild for me, but we also had an outdoor closet at home, but we rarely used it. But in the city, it was necessary to wash in the city bath. I had to go - what was my surprise that I had to wash completely naked and even with unfamiliar men. When I went into the washroom and saw a bunch of naked men, my penis stood up, I felt ashamed, so somehow after washing, I quickly went home. There was a problem - how to wash? I started to wash in the yard at night, but it's still warm, but what to do in winter? But I still found a way out.

At the end of November, a guy who served in the army came to our group. We got to know each other, it turned out that this is my fellow countryman, from a neighboring village, and he also rents an apartment himself, but with all the amenities the hostess lives separately. I began to go to him to wash.

We have finished our training.

When we were driving home for the holidays, he advised me to move in with him after the holidays. At home, after consulting with the parents, we decided that it would really be cheaper and closer to get to the technical school, especially since our fathers sometimes communicate at work.

After the holidays, I moved to his apartment, especially since the hostess did not mind. In mid-March, Vlad got a little ill and did not attend classes.

One couple was canceled one day and I returned home early. Imagine my surprise when I saw Vlad walking naked through the apartment with a standing member. I have not seen him naked before. Well, of course, in the morning I saw his boner, he went to the bathhouse and ten minutes later returned with a penis in a normal position and washed.

Two weeks passed, in the evening, as usual, I went to the shower. I stand, wash, my penis is slightly raised and suddenly the door opens and a naked Vlad with a standing penis enters, we didn’t close the door a damn thing when we were taking a shower, climbs into the bathtub with me and suddenly takes my penis and starts moving my skin up and down, my penis takes a fighting stance, I start to resist, but Vlad takes my hand, puts it on his penis and offers to do the same with his penis. In about five minutes we finished together. I liked that someone jerked off to me, and I to someone.

Vlad liked my cock. Even at first glance, it was clear that his penis is longer, but thinner, which I immediately told him about, but he said that he was interested in all the same sizes. In a calm state, the head is slightly open, and when he gets up, he is almost completely naked, Vlad's head is closed by the foreskin, and when the member is standing, it opens completely. Vlad brought a ruler and a tailor's centimeter, when they measured it, my penis turned out to be 17.5 cm * 16.0, and Vlad's was 20.0 * 14 cm.

Vlad suggested sleeping with him in the same bed, if I of course agree, and that sometimes we will jerk off to each other, but in the end, we end up either on a rag or in the bathroom. I agreed. We got together, jerked off, sometimes jerked off in the bathroom. if I, of course, agree, and that sometimes we will jerk off to each other, but in the end, we find ourselves either on a rag or in a bathroom.

On the morning of May 19, in a dream, I feel that my penis is as if in some kind of wet hole, I wake up and see that Vlad took my penis in his mouth, I felt good and I pretended to be asleep, he caressed my head from the very beginning and curbed my tongue ... Then the whole trunk, after about ten minutes I felt that I was about to finish and told Vlad about it, he replied that he hadn’t tasted someone else’s sperm for a long time and that I would cum in his mouth, which I did. He gently sucked everything out of my penis and licked the head. He said that he had wanted to do this for a long time, but did not dare, and if I do not mind, then he will do it regularly, I liked it, and I did not mind.

After the tenth suction, Vlad offered me to suck him, I replied that I was not ready for this yet, but he said that if I didn’t like it, he wouldn’t. One fine summer day I decided on this feat, although I had no experience. Vlad said that he will direct my actions and that if I am not ready to swallow sperm, then it's okay, he understands everything. And now Vlad's penis is in my mouth, I start licking the head, Vlad says that I would switch to the bridle, which I do, then I start swallowing his trunk, it does not fit in my mouth, Vlad calms me down, says that he is so cute ... I suck for about ten minutes, I know that Vlad is about to finish, I propose to cum in my mouth, Vlad says that I will be patient and open my mouth wider, takes my head and starts putting it on his dick, then puts it in my throat, and I feel the way he shoots her,

 Then he explained why he finished right down the throat - so that I was interested in trying his sperm. He did not allow him to suck the remaining semen, but went to the shower and washed his cock there. It's vacation time. We went home, met with Vlad every week, jerked off and sucked each other.

I was waiting for the end of the holidays.

Hooray! September! We are together again, how nice it is to feel a friend's cock in your mouth, we almost stopped masturbating, so sometimes, maybe once a week.

 Once Vlad suggested trying to print his assholes. I said that I had never tasted minced meat there before. Vlad said that if it hurts, he will stop filming. And here I stand with cancer, Vlad lubricates my ass with cream, puts on a condom and begins to prick the already smoking dick into my ass. - So I became gay.

At first, nothing works, I relax my ass and hear his head enter it. It hurts, it hurts so much, but I'm getting stronger. Vlad stops, a minute passes and Vlad drives his core into me, a minute of rest and he starts slowly at first, then more and more quickly drives the end into my ass, it feels like he is tired, offers to stop and change his position.

I do not mind, he pulls the dick out of my ass, turns me on my back, rests a little, throws his legs on his shoulders, and boldly enters me without pain, after a couple of minutes I find myself on my stomach, in the form of this, the Lord, emitting a roar, falls into ass and collapses on me in exhaustion. His penis still remains in my ass, gradually it weakens and falls out of it, my penis also sagged.

 Vlad offers to do the same with him, but I answer that I am tired and now I just cannot, if he wants, then we still have a whole night ahead. Two days later I tried to stick the end in his ass, he came in like a clock. Later, Vlad admitted that he had already tried a member in his ass.

They lived like this for a year and a half, and then fate scattered across the country.

I work in agriculture, Vlad served under a contract. In 2019, Vlad died in a car accident, and I have gay friends with whom we have fun and have sex.