Alina's acquaintance and hard sex

Alina's acquaintance and hard sex

- Hi Lina. It's so good that I met you. You see, it's my husband's birthday today. Could you come and join us. And then at the resort, only 4 days and have not really met anyone yet. Well, what are you coming to?

Lina, a young girl of 25 years old, worked in a cafe, of which there are many scattered in the resort area. Short blonde hair, blue eyes with an appetizing figure. The guys liked her, but she always kept them away from her. Moreover, she came here for the season, to earn some money to open her own business in her provincial town. Today was a day off and there was absolutely nothing to do. And Inga, that was the name of the young woman who turned to her, basically offered to have a good time. She immediately liked this married couple. Every evening they dined at the cafe where Lina worked. Her husband, as she remembered Alex, was a handsome man 40, under 1.75 tall with an athletic build, and his wife Inga, a brunette 30 with a good figure and pleasant manners.

“I don’t even know if it’s convenient for me to go to you, you came here to rest, and I’m not used to walking for my birthday without a present.”

- Yes, come on, of course, it's convenient. Don't worry about the gift. Let's sit and drink some wine and talk. And it’s like on vacation, but they haven’t made acquaintances with anyone yet. So don't even think about coming, by the way, if you're not busy, we can go to us right now. My husband left to go diving for an hour at 8 pm. We still have a full 3 hours. Let's figure it out for now on the table.

“Okay, I agree. Let's go to.

The girls took a taxi and after 20 minutes drove up to the cottage where the couple lived.

- And what about the neighbors? - Asked Lina when she got out of the car and looked around the house.

- And this is the house of our business partner. He himself is now in the United States on business. So he kindly provided us with his summer accommodation. Upstairs there are three bedrooms, downstairs living room, kitchen and dining room. In the basement, there is a sauna and a relaxation room. Well, let's go for a glass of wine.

The girls went into the living room, Inga took out a bottle of wine and two glasses from the bar. After pouring wine and passing the glass to Lina, Inga invited her to sit on the sofa.

- It's good that you have your own business, you are great. I am also saving money to open my own. I want to make a beauty salon at home. In the meantime, I have to work for my uncle. What do you do, if not a secret? - Lina started a conversation.

- Well, how can I tell you. My professional photographer, and so am I. We have our own agency, we photograph advertisements, models, and we also make erotic photos. By the way, you are very beautiful, I can offer you to earn some money, and if you agree, then even very good.

- What is it like? - Lina has taken an interest.

- It's very simple. You will undress and practice sexy positions in beautiful lingerie. I'll take a picture of you. I'll pay you 500 bucks for this. Standard Session •••

nude. Photos will go to a closed site for the bourgeoisie. Agree, 40 minutes of posing and 500 bucks in your pocket. - Inga got up and went to the bedside table. and took out a bundle of banknotes, counted out 500, and put them next to Lina.

- Well, I don't even know, I never thought about such a job. What if someone sees my photos from friends.

- Come on, this is not work and pleasure. And no one will see it, I say the site is closed. They register there only by invitation, and even then not all, but after verification.

- Well, Inga, you can persuade. - Lina said a little embarrassed.

- Well. Wait for me here. - Inga went to the second floor and returned in a couple of minutes. In one hand was in the other, a woman was carrying a box. Putting the box on the table, I took out white stockings and handed them to Lina.

- Completely undress and put on stockings. You don't need anything else and sit on the couch.

Lina, a little embarrassed, nevertheless undressed, put on her stockings and sat down on the edge of the sofa.

- Let's start Inga commanded. - And the shutter clicked.

Inga gave commands and Lina took a variety of poses. Over time, she even began to like this process.

- You have a great figure, delicious ass, and beautiful breasts.

- Well done, go on.

After 30 minutes Inga finished.

- That's it. You honestly earned 500 bucks. Let's have some more wine. Until I get dressed, I just don’t stop looking at you. How are your impressions? - Inga poured wine into glasses and sat down next to the girl.

- Strange and unusual. I've never filmed naked. But I liked it.

- Tell me, do you have a boyfriend?

- No, I spend all my time at work. And why would I have a guy here?

- Listen. I have an immodest question for you. It’s my husband’s birthday, but I never bought a present. Do you want to have sex with him? He liked you right away, but I'm not jealous. For this, I will pay you 1.5 dollars. Agree, what have you got to lose. sex with an attractive man, no obligation. We will leave in a couple of days and will never meet again. So to speak, a holiday romance. This will be my and your gift to him.

- You know Inga, I'm certainly in shock. But money won't hurt me. Perhaps I agree. Moreover, I also like him. I liked you back in our first meeting in the cafe. - After a little thought, Lina answered.

- Well, that's okay. - Inga went to the bedside table and took out a pack of bucks. Having counted out 15 hundred to Lina, she put them next to the girl. But she didn't take away the rest of the money and sat down opposite Lina and continued the conversation.

- By the way, if you do anal with him, I will pay you another 500. Have you tried anal sex?

- No, I haven't tried it, they say it hurts.

- Well, what are you, first yes, but then such a thrill. Trust Alex, he's a real specialist. So what do you say?

- Well, why not. - Lina went all-in. Inga put next to her 

another 5 hundred.

- How do you feel about role-playing games? The type of slave is a master. If you agree to be a little tied up I'll give another 500. My husband is very turned on by tied girls. Don't be afraid it's safe.

Lina felt an unpleasant chill inside, but the money lying next to her beckoned to her. And another 5 hundred would be oh, how nice. Earn 3k greens per evening. It's just super lucky. After a little thought, Lina agreed.

- Well. Let's prepare you then. And then before the arrival of her husband, there is not more than an hour left. Can you do an enema? If so, then blow into the bath and rinse yourself, we don't want unpleasant surprises. Then you will come here. And at this time I’ll think about the table.

After 20 minutes, Lina left the bathroom. And I saw that the table was already laid in the dining room. Inga finished the final touches and turned to the girl.

- Come on. - She led the girl into the living room and began to rummage in the box getting things out of there.

- Dress.

Lina received a black corset. The corset was made of openwork fabric, but it was very rigid and clearly, one size smaller than needed, or even two, elastic bands for stockings hung from the sides, black stockings and shoes with 8 cm stilettos also migrated to Lina. After Lina put on her stockings, Inga put the corset on Lina's waist and asked her to lie on her stomach on the pouf. Then, pressing on the girl's body and ordering to exhale the air Inga with difficulty, laced up the corset. The edges came together and Lina felt that it became a little difficult to breathe and when breathing her breasts protruding above the corset rose up. Inga attached stockings to the corset and helped her put on her shoes.

- And now a couple more touches.

Inga took out leather cuffs and fixed them on the girl's wrists. The cuffs fit tightly around Lina's hands, they were trimmed with soft fabric and had rung for carabiners. Then Inga put on a black bandage over the girl's eyes.

- Let's go to the break room. Hold on to me. Don't touch the bandage.

Inga took Lina's arm and led her to the door to the basement. Then she helped the girl down the stairs and led her into the room. She led her to the center, took Lina's right hand, and attached a chain to the cuff, also did it with the second hand. Lina heard the sound of a winch and her arms parted to the sides and up. Then Lina felt how Inga persistently spreads her legs and attaches a spacer to her somewhere 1.5 meters long. Then she again heard the sound of the winch and the girl's body stretched out in line with the letter X.

- Well, you are ready, my gift. - Inga whispered affectionately. With these words, she inserted a rubber gag into the girl's mouth and fastened it on the back of her head ...

- I went to wait for the birthday boy, and while you get used to it, we will be there soon.

Less than half an hour later, Lina heard that the door to the room opened, and several people entered her. After a moment, the girl felt a man's hand on my chest. She felt her breasts in a proprietary manner, squeezed it strongly, then moved to the girl's right nipple, grabbing it tightly, the man twisted the nipple, a stifled moan was heard from Lina's mouth.

- She's great, thank you, dear. How far can I go?

- As far as you want. She is completely in your power. - Lina heard Inga's voice.

- I love you! Where do you think I should start?

- I did not think that you have a bad fantasy. I’ll just repeat that you can do whatever you want with her. But I see that your cock is on edge, I think for a start, let her defuse you. After all, a long and pleasant evening awaits us.

“Of course honey, but I want something special to start with.

Lina heard something moving behind her, then the chains holding her hands loosened, and Inga's hands, persistently taking the girl by the shoulders, began to push her back. The girl rested her lower back against the crossbar and her shoulders against the other. Then they stretched out her arms under her and, bending her legs, hooked them to the strut. It turned out that Lina was lying on two narrow tubes and her limbs were suspended. Lina didn’t even have time to recover as the gag was removed from her mouth and a wide ring was inserted instead of it, preventing the girl from clenching her teeth. The ring was so wide that Lina's jaw almost jumped out. It hurt like hell, but all the girl could do was moan loudly.

- Let's start.

The man inserted the head of the penis into the girl's mouth. The member was rather big, about 25 cm in length and 4.5 in width. Lina's mouth was not used to such volumes, but thanks to the ring, the man's penis entered it without any problems. He started slowly fucking the girl's mouth. Putting it into the tonsils and taking it outback. Meanwhile, Inga sank down between Lina's legs and began to gently suck her clitoris, and thrust two fingers into the girl's bosom, and began to fuck her with her hand. In a couple of minutes, Lina was already all wet with excitement. Meanwhile, the man began to push his penis deeper into Lina's throat with each fiction. The girl started having throat spasms, she prevented the gag reflex as best she could. Tears came to my eyes. Lina began to shake her head trying to free herself from a member. But it was useless. The man inexorably hammered her throat, penetrating deeper and deeper. And so he shoved it all the way, a bulge formed on the girl's throat. Then the man began to slowly remove the penis from her throat and then abruptly drive it to its full length. This went on for a couple of minutes, and now he drove him completely into Lina and began to violently cum right into the girl's throat. Discharged, the man took out a member. But the most amazing thing is that Lina also finished in sync with the man. Orgasm covered her head.

- Good girl.

- Honey, she finished too. - Inga said in surprise.

- Yes, a great slut, you're right. This is your best gift. Let's go have a drink and then 

let's continue.

Lina remained in the same position that she was left. After a while, the lower back began to hurt. Inga and her husband were absent for a long time. But then the door creaked and the two-room apartment heard approaching footsteps.

- Darling, you will not believe, you became a star on the site in a couple of hours. - She heard Inga's voice.

“People want something special, you won’t be so cruel, and we won’t allow it either. Let's give them a little show.

Lina was returned to a standing position, then the girl's hands were freed and they were fixed in front of her. Then Lina felt that the strut was removed from her legs. Then a chain was attached to her arms, and the girl was lifted so that her feet did not touch the floor. Lina heard that the people in the room began to move something, and this something turned out to be between her legs. Then the bandage was removed from her eyes. Lina saw herself in the mirror. And oh god, there was a machine between her legs. And what kind. She read about it on porn sites, but once could not imagine that she herself would be on it. It was a simple wooden corner placed on supports, the sharp corner looked directly into the girl's vagina. Then they took the ring out of Lina's mouth, the girl could not even say anything. The jaw is not used to freedom.

- What do you want to do with me? - Lina whispered after a couple of minutes.

Inga appeared in front of her.

- Do not be afraid of the kitten, you will now participate in a small performance. You are a strong girl, I think you can handle it. Sorry, but this is our main business. And the users of the site voted for something special for you. Do not be afraid it is paid separately. - With a sweet smile, Inga assured the girl ...

- The conditions are, I will do a blow job to my husband, and at this time you will ride a horse, this is the name of this thing between your legs. But to ride not just like that, but with a certain hardness. And now we will put it on you ...

The winch started working again, lowering Lina onto the wooden plank. And now the girl was completely put on the devil's machine. Inga obligingly parted the girl's labia, so she completely took her weight on her pussy. Lina screamed with good obscenities, but no one paid attention to her screams. Moreover, a loop was thrown over Lina's throat, the end of which went to the ceiling of the room. Then Lina's legs were bent at the knees and attached to the end of the rope from the noose. Lina sat down with her whole body on the ill-fated machine. It hurt attski.

- Well, here you are, and if you put your feet down, then you will suffocate yourself. So bear with it. People put money on how long you can hold out. But you have a chance if my husband ends before you suffocate on your weakness, then we will let you go. - Inga whispered.

Lina saw that a masked man stood in front of her, apparently, it was Inga's husband. Inga knelt down and began to suck the man. In a couple of minutes Lina 

I felt that I could no longer keep my legs in the position that they were. And she slightly lowered them, The loop on her neck immediately tightened without letting in air, besides, the pussy just burned with pain, the bar between the legs was doing its job. Alex watched as the girl struggled between pain and hellish pain, after about 10 minutes Lina's legs gave up under muscle tension, sinking more and more down. Meanwhile, Lina strangled herself, the girl's body stretched out to the string. The rope pulled over the neck, so the body began to tremble and twitch. A bluish tint appeared on the face. A couple more minutes and Alex was discharged into his wife's mouth. Lustfully looking at the girl's convulsions, he pressed his wife's head to his groin with both hands, pouring into her mouth. Then he quickly ran up to Lina and removed the exhausted, half-dead unconscious girl from the instrument of torture.

- Great video. Let's go have a drink. - Alex said.

Carrying Lina upstairs and putting it on Alex, he slowly poured brandy into two glasses.

- Dear, we earned 80 thousand euros on this charming girl. You don't think it's time to change your house.

- No dear, we will spend a couple more sessions here, by the way, thanks for the gift, I really liked it. - Alex said twisting the keys to the new car.

- Yes, we went too far today. - Inga smiled pointing at the girl who had not yet come to her senses.

- Nothing, I think two thousand euros will help her forget what happened and maybe she will agree to participate in a couple of shows. And she also didn’t work out the first fee that you paid her for anal sex. So when you wake up, you can continue.