Awakening love. Vika. Part 1

Awakening love. Vika. Part 1

      Vika was always a modest, quiet girl, obedient and not very sociable. Slender, not tall, red-haired shy. For friends, she was "Ginger". At first, she didn't like it, but then she got used to it. It is strange that they called her that because she was not scary, but rather a pretty girl. Perhaps this is all from her little isolation in herself. Today she first learned what pleasure from caress is. On a languid summer morning, Vika went to the shower to cool off under cool water. She was about to leave when suddenly a trickle of water from the shower fell into her little, slightly fluffy girl. The whole body was covered with goosebumps, her legs were shaking, and Vika sat down on her knees in the bathroom.

She turned the shower towards herself again and gasped a little. Thin streams of water beat hard on the girl's delicate skin, slightly penetrated inside, and burst out. Vika moaned and strongly squeezed the showerhead with her feet, she began to cum. The whole body is tense, breathing is knocked down, a couple more seconds and Vika relaxed in the bathroom, the shower was lying nearby and fountains hit the young girl's body, which was still trembling from new sensations, whose muscles were tense to the limit. Vika thought about it constantly, she was as good as she had never been. She tried to repeat this several times, but it did not always work. Gradually, this feeling began to possess the girl. In the evenings before going to bed, she tried to achieve these feelings, stroking her body with small tender fingers, and only then did she fall asleep soundly.

But then the day came that changed her fate forever. It's still hot outside, Vika and her friends were relaxing on the beach, the time is already closer to 20:00, they began to pack up and went home. Silly talk, gossip, Vika was a little tired, she hardly listened to her friends, she rather wanted to retire to enjoy herself. Passing dense bushes, near an old ruined house, Vika stopped and shouted to her friends: "You go, I'll change, and go to the store again!" and went to the bushes. The girls said goodbye and parted. Vika made her way into the bushes, looked around, and began to undress. On one side it was covered by the wall of an old house, on the other, there were thick bushes.

Legs were already trembling, Vika hastily began to take off her swimsuit immediately began to caress. She stood, holding her hand to the wall of the house, spreading her legs wider, caressing herself with her fingers. Her virgin slits became wet, her finger gently caressed a small, swollen clitoris, and sweet moans were heard from the girl's tender lips. And this noise is in the distance, someone is shouting on the beach, a car is passing along the road. Vika went crazy and started to cum. Again, the whole body tensed, her legs were shaking, and the girl could not resist, sat down on her knees, still moaning through the greedy breaths of air. Seconds like minutes fly by, Vika got up, straightened her hair, and began to dress.

The evening passed as usual. In my head, thoughts were spinning about how she caressed herself there, on the street near the old house. She realized that this situation brought her more emotions and pleasure than insecurity and extreme. And these thoughts aroused the girls again and she played with herself for the night. Morning came very quickly. It seemed that the girl just blinked, and it was already light. Vika got up from the crib, she was naked, followed by her panties that had been taken off before the night caress fell from the crib. She smiled, and thoughts of yesterday made her girl wet.

After breakfast, she went back to that place, to those bushes and those ruins of the house. Vika again disappeared into the thick of the bushes, looked around, listened, silence. She pulled off tight shorts and panties from herself, hung them on the bushes, and her fingers immediately got down to business. But then there was a creak in the house, the girl froze in fear, looked around again, slightly moved away from the wall of the house to look out the window, and was dumbfounded. From the window Mishka looked at her from a parallel, he smiled, examining the half-naked body, then jumped abruptly and grabbed the shorts from the bushes.

- Ginger again, are you talking about it? - said Mishka and laughed! - Yesterday I saw you here, I didn't want to interfere.

- No, I was just changing clothes, - Vika whispered and added, - give things back.

- Yes, I saw how you change! I even took it off on my phone! - said her and held out a phone in his hand, on the screen of which Vika was sweetly caressing, a video made from the same window where Mishka appeared.

- What? Are you crazy or what? Remove! - Vika whispered and trembled in front of him, covering her wet fluffy crack with her hands.

- Delete? What are you doing to me? Let me put it all on the internet? - Bear laughed again.

- You're a fool? Do not! Remove.

- Can lay out? - Mishka sarcastically said and came closer, handed her shorts and panties.

- Don't, please. - Vika whispered and lowered her eyes to the floor, abruptly ripping the clothes out of his hands.

“Then do me one favor and you’ll delete everything from my phone yourself.”

- What? - said Vika and raised her head to the top.

“Come to me tonight. I'm waiting for you at 19:00. And if you don’t come, then I’ll show everyone how you change, ”he told her again with a laugh.

- What do you want? - Vika was already crying a little, tears rolled down her cheeks.

- In short! Come the evening! - said Mishka rudely and left.

Vika knelt down and cried, she was never so afraid as today. What will happen to her now? She somehow dressed, wiped away her tears, and went home. All-day she just lay on the bed and thought about what happened and what could be today. Even at home, she was shaking with fear, every noise from the window or neighbors made her more and more afraid. As a result, Vika convinced herself that she would do everything to remove this video. I went to him, my whole body was shaking with fear, my heart was pounding, my mind said: "What are you doing ...", but still at the appointed time she stood on the threshold of his door, breathing heavily, rang the bell. The door opened, Mishka stood on the threshold in some shorts and smiled.

Oh, Ryzhik, and I was already afraid that you would not come! Come on in.

  - I need you to delete this video! - said Vika and went into the hallway.

- Come on in, now I'll explain what you are going to do, and you yourself will delete everything from the phone! He told her, closing the front door, and continued, - go into the bedroom.

- I'm coming, don't push, - Vika whispered.

- So! Sit down. I just thought, if you want to delete this video, then you have to ... - Misha fell silent and waited until Vika sits in a chair.

- What? What do you want? - Vika whispered.

- In short, now, just like in the bushes, you will touch your pi * do, and then you will suck!

- Not! - Vika said loudly, got up from the chair, went up to Misha, and tried to grab the phone.

- You will! - He shouted at her and pushed her back into the chair. - Or I'll show everyone everything, even your parents! Let them see what kind of daughter they have - a handjob!

- Do not. Okay, I agree, just give me your word that I myself will check and delete everything on the phone.

- I promise, Ginger! - Misha smiled maliciously again. - Can I give you a drink to relax?

Misha went to the kitchen, leaving Vika in the room, she could hardly sit and shake, brushed her palms over her face, and sighed heavily. Half a minute later Mishka returned, brought a bottle of vodka, a glass of juice, and handed it to her. Vika took a sip and washed it down with juice. "How disgusting it is!" - She said to herself, then another sip, and another. The girl did not eat all day, and alcohol immediately clouded her head, relaxed, and liberated her. This was another mistake she made. Misha could no longer endure and began to command: “Begin already! Take off your clothes! Show me your Red Hole, and then sit in a chair, spread your legs and touch yourself!

" Vika was a little reeling from alcohol, she obediently undressed, looking at the floor. She sat down obediently and began to touch herself. Misha admired and corrected her movements with the words: “Legs wider. Touch your chest. The finger is deeper! Lick your fingers! " What happened to Vika? She was submissive and did all this, but did not feel pleasure. She thought that everything would be over now and would be free of him. Vika threw her head back, closed her eyes, and continued to caress, Vika forgot herself even faster with her fingers, groans, and feels that she’s about to finish, she moaned a little more loudly. At that moment Misha stopped her hand with his own and whispered:

- You feel good?

- Mmm, yeah! - still moaning, she whispered to him.

- Make me good too! As agreed. - With these words, he sat down in a chair and took out a member of the shorts already standing with a stake. - Well, then, Ryzhik. Crawl over here and suck.

Vika went up to him and sat on her knees, looked into Misha's satisfied eyes, and began kissing his penis. Then she opened her mouth, the head of the penis burst into him, she wrapped her lips around him and sucked. Misha himself began to moan and whisper: “Yes! Yes, Ryzhik! Suck better! " Vika with her second hand continued to caress herself, not letting go of the penis from her mouth. 

Vika was the first to finish this marathon, she let go of the penis from her mouth and groaned loudly at Misha's feet, sat on the floor, and buried her face in his groin, breathing heavily and shuddering. Misha was already on the way himself, jerking off his penis and moaning. Then he abruptly stood up, lifted Vika by the hair and pulled her to the penis, and began to cum on her face. He spattered all over the poor girl, flinched a couple more times, and let her go. He sat down in a chair, and Vika was barely alive, sitting on the floor and breathing heavily. Her eyes were closed and filled with sperm, she began to take it off her face with her fingers, and she just wanted to wipe it on her panties, which were lying next to her on the floor, when Misha stopped her.

- Wait, what do you want!

- What? - Vika whispered and froze!

- Ginger, what are you, well, let's eat it, without this blowjob without blowjob and I will not count it for you!

“Okay,” she whispered and began to lick her fingers.

- I look, you also enjoyed it, finished faster than me! Liked?

- Yes, - Vika whispered.

- Well, hold the phone, delete it!

Vika still sat and rummaged in Mishka's phone, found this video, and immediately deleted it. She immediately felt lighter, and she grew a little bolder in front of him. Now they shouldn't be afraid of her, she thought.

- Did you delete it?

- Sure.

- Ryzhik, how can we repeat it?

- No thanks, I don’t want to.

- Well, didn't you like it?

- So what?

- Did you like sucking?

- Let's say I liked it, - Vika didn't feel so scared, - but I won't.

- Why not? - Bear smiled maliciously again

- Do not want and that's it! - Vika got up, began to dress. She was in a hurry, had already gone out into the corridor when she heard that Mishka was her behest.

- Ginger! Blow here faster! Look what beauty there is!

She looked into the room and realized that Misha had filmed everything on a computer web camera. Only now did she understand why he put her in a chair in front of the computer. She stood still, looking, tears were sweating from her eyes. Mishka skipped the video at the time where Vika replied:

- Did you like sucking?

- Let's say I liked it, but I won't.

Vicki's evil eye fell into tears, and her lips escaped: "Bitch!" Misha came up to her, put his hand under her dress, roughly grabbed the pussy, and said, “Now you will suck me or this video will be seen by your mom and your father! What a pacifier you are! How do you cum while sucking a dick! Now go! I will call you when I need to! Red nipple! " With these words, Misha kicked Vika out of the apartment.

Vika burst into tears and ran, quickly moving her legs along the steps, jumped out of the entrance, and headed towards the house. Everything was mixed in my head! How could she get into all this, and now what to do? These questions tormented and frightened her. She still felt the taste of Mishka's sperm in her mouth, tried to spit everything out, but he remained this tart, bitter taste. She went to the house, knew that there was no one there, her parents went to the country house, but still not wanted to come in.

She sat on a bench near the entrance, looked at the sky, at how the sun was hiding behind the clouds, and the whole sky was painted in the crimson light of sunset. "Scary, how scary!" - she repeated to herself, - “What will happen now, and if everyone finds out! It's a shame ... Mom will kill me! " Tears appeared in the girl's eyes again, and she went home. With caution, I entered the apartment, looked around, and went into the room. She lay down on the bed, grabbed the pillow, and cried ...

The morning frowned quickly, at night Vika slept badly, everything that was with Misha tormented and tormented the girl. There was still no one at home, she did not want to appear in this form, to her parents or friends. She went to the shower, washed her face, she didn't even want to play with herself, as she usually did in the shower. I had a little snack and sat down at the computer. At first, I thought to talk to someone about it, but I would have to tell about everything ... “No! What will they say about me? They will say that I am a slut! Sucked him! You can't tell anyone! " with these thoughts she closed the pages of her friends and did not dare to write. Vika just wanted to get up from the computer, when a message came, she opened it and froze again. Misha wrote it. The girl's heart was pounding like mad, she closed her eyes, and again wanted to get up, when the second message came!

M: Ginger! Hey!

M: Why are you silent? Answer quickly!

Q: What do you want?

M: We must meet!

Q: I can't now!

M: So what? I said it is necessary, then it is necessary!

M: I see!

M: Come on, don't give it a shot! In half an hour I'm waiting for you in the same bushes where you masturbate!

Q: No!

Q: I'm busy!

M: "Attached file" (Misha sent a couple of photos cut from yesterday's video, one showed Vika sucking a dick, the second Vika was on her knees, and Misha finished on top of his face.)

M: Would you like to send it to all your friends?

Q: No! Don't, please! I will come.

M: Let's wait for half an hour! And don't be late!

Vika looked at her watch and in a hurry began to get ready, it took her about 30 minutes to get to this place, and Mishka lives relatively closer. “We need to be in time, otherwise everyone will know,” she repeated to herself.

She put on a white sundress, white thong, put on sandals, hurrying to Misha. Vika was in a hurry, looked at her watch, and thought: “How not to be late! And then everyone will know! " She hurried and came a few minutes early. I made my way into the bushes, looked around, and shouted at Misha. He was not yet there, she stood by the wall of the same collapsed house and waited. Only after 20 minutes, she heard that someone was making their way through the bushes, "Finally he came," - with relief, she said to herself. Misha smiled, came closer, took Vika by the hand, and led them into the house. The roof of the house collapsed in places, rubbish, old things and various rubbish were lying around. The bear smiled calmly, looked out the window, made sure they were not visible from the road, and commanded:

- Well, that Ryzhik! Come on, take off your dress! You know why you are here!

- To caress in front of you again?

- Ginger! You what do you ask! I said take off your clothes!

Vika dutifully took off her sundress, remained in only white panties. She did not look at Misha, she was afraid of his contented face. Misha came closer, took the sundress from the girl's hands, and threw it onto the dirty windowsill. He admired her delicate, small body, appetizing breasts, whose nipples stood, her legs, smooth tummy, white panties, which were slightly translucent, and red fluff was visible. Misha's eyes were burning, that's what he wanted, now he won't jerk off to himself. He greedily ate poor Vika with his eyes, came up, and began to feel her breasts. Vika stood rooted to the spot, could not move, and Misha roughly squeezed the girl's chest, making her a little painful. Then his hand sank lower, he began to touch the girl's pussy, fingers through her panties, pushing them a little into her and squeezing the labia with his palm. With his second hand, Misha touched Vika's ass, squeezed her buttocks, and slapped her loudly several times. Vika at that moment gasped a little from the slaps, and from the movements of her fingers, her pussy began to get wet. Misha himself was at the limit and had already pulled off the girl's panties, his caresses were rough, in places Vika was in pain, but she could not even believe her body. It betrayed itself, she moaned, and the girl's piss was wet and sloshed loudly when the guy's fingers entered into the depths.

Thin panties hung on the girl's knees, they were wet from the sweet juices of her pussy. She herself closed her eyes, wrapped her hand around Misha ... by the shoulders so as not to fall, and moaned loudly. Vika forgot herself again, these feelings, pleasure from caresses clouded her mind. She moved her legs for a second, and the panties fell to the ground, thereby giving freedom of movement. Immediately, the girl lifted one leg onto a collapsed table standing next to her, spreading her leg wider and freeing access to the pussy. Misha's hands drove her crazy, she moaned and moved her body herself, rubbed her letters on the guy's palm. Vika shook in the hands of the guy, began to finish abruptly, and tightly clenched her legs. She almost whined with happiness, her whole body was burning, her eyes were still closed, but Vika was smiling. Breathing heavily and squeezing her legs strongly, the girl had never experienced such an orgasm. Misha, he just stood and watched her finish, he was pleased that now he had such a girl, obedient, beautiful, and even wants to!

"Ginger! Suck me now! " - Misha said and pulled down his shorts, showing Vika a standing member. He was all wet from the escaping grease, the head was swollen. The girl, without further ado, squatted in front of Misha and approached the penis. She pressed her lips, he was so hot, and the smell seemed to her the most pleasant in the world, she ran her nose over it and inhaled the aroma, stuck out her tongue, and licked her head. A drop of lubricant from the penis turned out to be very pleasant, even seemed sweet, and the girl began to lick the penis with pleasure. She opened her mouth and grabbed the head of the penis, began to suck. Sometimes she opened her eyes and looked at 

Misha, moaned with a satisfied look, holding Vicki's head with his hands. He was at the limit, and Vika noticed this, the head of the penis slightly increased in her mouth. Misha moved his body, holding the girl's head, tried to go deeper, a little faster, faster, and began to finish, pressing Vika hard. Vika tried to push him away, but could not, her mouth instantly filled with sperm, she coughed herself and the sperm flowed down her face onto her chest. Misha took out his dick, shook off the rest on Vicki's face, let her lick it thoroughly. Vika did everything, she tried, perhaps in gratitude for the feelings that she experienced, or maybe that Misha was silent. She didn’t like the taste of semen, like the first time, but she restrained herself.

- Uhhh! - Misha sighed, - how do you like it, Ryzhik? Liked?

- Yes ... - Vika whispered in response and finished licking a member.

- And you imagine what will happen when I fuck you with a member, and not fingers!

“I don’t know,” she whispered again, back.

- You should definitely try! Well, if you do not want to knock your virgin off, then you can fuck in the ass! - said Bear and laughed.

Vika did not answer, lifted her panties off the floor, shook them, and began to put them on.

- So! What are you doing! - Menacingly he said and grabbed the hand.

- I'm getting dressed.

- Did I let you go? - Mishka got angry and tore the panties out of Vicki's hands, squeezed them into a fist, and threw them out the window, followed by the sundress.

- What are you doing? - Vika whispered and went to the window.

- Stop! I'll tell you when you can get dressed! Clear?

- Duck all the same already, I did everything for you!

- You have to do a lot for me to be free! So you sit here and wait for me!

- What? - Are you crazy or what?

- Sit down and don't stick your head out, otherwise, you'll find yourself adventures! - Bear laughed and jumped out of the window, grabbed Vicky's panties and sundress, rolled them into a ball, and disappeared behind the bushes.

Vika squatted down, wrapped her arms around her legs, and fingered the rest of the sperm in her mouth. Although it was not tasty, for some reason she liked to do it. She noticed a drop on her chest, lifted it with her finger, and licked it. She did not know how long she had to sit here, where Mishka had gone and why. "So what to do? You have to endure and no one will know ... And I will also experience these sensations again ”- Vika consoled herself, and she turned her mind to complete dependence on Misha. So indulging in reflections, it took about 20 minutes, she did not even notice it. The bear came with a bottle of water and shining eyes and said loudly:

- Hold the bottle, go and wash your ass! Look, go around the corner and come clean!

- And how can I do it to you?

- Here you are a red-haired cunt! - The bear angrily approached her! - Bend down and spread your ass!

- What?

- Bitch! - Misha could not resist. Sharply bent the girl by the neck, spread her legs. He put her hand on her buttocks and again commanded "Spread your ass!" Vika obediently stood in this position, and Misha spat on the hole and stroked it with his finger. - Now be patient! It will hurt! - With these words, Misha sharply drove the neck of the plastic bottle into Vikin's ass and grabbed his hair with his hand.

- AAA! - Vika screamed and tried to escape!

- Stop! - Mishka pulled the hair even harder and added - otherwise it will hurt even more!

Mishka lifted the bottle to the top and began to squeeze, pouring water into the ass. Vika whined a little from the sharp pain but stood still. Already half the bottle went deep into Vicki. Then Misha ordered to close the ass with his hand and go into another room to cleanse himself. Vika tried, but she spilled a little, and as soon as she got out and managed to sit down, almost a liter of water burst out of her ass and more. Then Misha repeated the procedure with what was left in the bottle, and Vika was ready for further games planned by him.

He only lured her to him, and Vika obediently approached, at his command, she bent down in the same way and substituted her ass, which was still sick. Misha was pleased with the obedience of his red-haired girl and began gently, first stroked his pussy with his fingers, waited for Vika to start moaning. His finger gently stroked the labia, pushing them apart and slightly penetrating deeply. The girl's pussy instantly got wet, and Misha began to act. He spat on the hole and gently smeared the drool on the priest, began to press with his finger. Only the cleaned ass gave in easily, and the finger slipped all into it. Misha was in no hurry and fucked a narrow hole with his finger, every now and then he spat on top, adding lubricant. With the other hand, he took up the pussy and stroked the clitoris to the beat, pressing hard with his fingers. So he tries to insert two fingers and a delicate, narrow hole began to stretch, accepting them. Misha stopped, took out his penis, stroked his wet pussy, slightly paring the labia with his hot head, and ordered Vika: “Now push! As if you want to shit! " Vika did it, and a ringing "bunch" escaped from the priests, all the air driven by Misha's fingers came out.

The head of the penis was pressed against the narrow ass, Vika was still pushing and her narrow hole opened slightly. At this time Misha began to insert his penis, slowly, continuing to say to Vika: “Come on, come on! Don't strain! Relax and you will like it. " The head of the penis has already entered the girl, and Misha froze for a few seconds. He was very happy, his cock entered the girl for the first time. These sensations drove him crazy. Gently, he began to push the penis deeper, pulled out a little, and again injected even deeper. Vika did not understand anything, she felt a member in herself, it seemed huge. She didn’t hurt, these were incomprehensible feelings, but Vika continued to moan. And Misha continued, gradually increasing the pace, his small penis was already completely immersed in this cute ass. Misha held her tightly by the waist and pushed her on, this was the first time, he could not stand it for a long time. Vika herself stroked her pussy with her hand and moaned louder and louder 

All this brought Miku to the limit, a few more movements and he drove his penis with a resounding slap and began to finish, shuddering a little, he made a couple of thrusts and walked away. Vika stood still and breathed heavily, her ass farted a couple of times, and again felt Misha's fingers. Immediately with three fingers, Mishka entered the hole, twisted them a little, and scraped out his sperm. He brought his fingers to Vicki's face and inserted them into his mouth. Vika did not ask, he began to lick them, again feeling this tart taste on his tongue.

- Now you are free for today. - said Mishka, wiping sweat from his forehead.

- Everything? - Vika asked with relief and turned to Mishka.

- Yes. Free! - said Mishka, jumped out of the window, and disappeared behind the bushes.

- Bye, ... - Vika said barely audibly in the trail and looked around.

Her things were lying in the corner of the room, Mishka, when he came, just threw them into the mud. The white sundress got a little dirty, but what to do. Vika got dressed and wandered home. The rest of the day passed calmly, she rinsed herself, washed her sundress, in the evening her parents arrived, had dinner with her family, everyone went about their business. The father buried himself in the TV, the mother went to her friend, and Vika sat at the computer and then just went to bed. She was not herself, she was ashamed, scared, but good, very good. There were thoughts that she was sucking Misha again, as he touched her, he wanted this, but was afraid at that moment to admit it even to herself.

A week has passed since that day. Every day they met with Mishka, either in the same place near an abandoned house or right at the entrance. A couple of times Mishka invited her to his home. As it turned out later, any meeting with Mishka at his house turned into another "Hom" video. But Vika began to forget, she just enjoyed herself and wanted more and more. For friends, they became a couple, Vika did not tell anyone about this, she was scared that people would condemn her carnal desires, and Misha, realizing all this, came up with something new. Staying alone at home, he asked, or even better said, demanded that Vicki fulfill her quirks. He turned on secretly recording a video, and she, on orders, danced in front of him, undressed. Vika herself enjoyed it, she really liked to look into Misha's satisfied eyes, as he praises her for her obedience and is insanely excited. There was a situation when Mishka put Vika on her knees, she rubbed her delicate face against his Tasty and hot penis, she complimented him without orders and expressed an insane desire to feel his penis in herself, with her behavior and gentle words. She pressed against the penis, obediently looked into Misha's eyes, and kept repeating: “I want your insanely sweet penis! He drives me crazy!". And Mishka just enjoyed himself and continued to replenish his archive called "Ryzhik".

So another week passed, the second, the third. Today is Mishka's birthday, she wanted 

please him and make him happy. Vika no longer noticed everything, she was completely subordinated to Misha and his desires, subordinated to her lust. But she had no idea what to give him. Mishka spent his birthday with friends, drank a lot, on that day he did not even think about his obedient girlfriend. Strange, but Vika was not even offended, on the contrary, she, even more, wanted to do something for Misha, she wanted to please him and give him pleasure. The next day Mika invited her again to him, Vika rushed on like wings, smiled, and shone with happiness. She went into the room and sat on the bed. The bear was standing by the window, drinking water, his head still ached after yesterday, and then Vika called out to him:

- Misha ... Misha.

- What? - Misha responded and turned to her.

- I want to make you the best gift, - Vika whispered and began to undress.

- You already give it to me all the time, - Mishka smiled and rubbed his penis through the shorts with his hand.

- Misha, I want you to take my pussy. - Vika whispered, and already naked sat on the bed, spread her legs.

- What? Don't whisper.

- I want you to take my pussy! - Vika said louder and parted her lips with her fingers.

The bear pulled off his shorts and went up to Vika, a member was already standing, he just poked it in the girl's face. Vika pressed herself, she really liked the smell, he rubbed her nose against the base of the penis and with her tongue walked along its trunk, and stroked her wet pussy with her fingers. She opened her mouth and swallowed the head, she had already learned to suck, restraining the gag reflex, trying to swallow the entire penis. His penis was not big, about 14 cm, but when Vika just started to suck, it was very difficult, disgusting. And now, she gladly swallowed it all, choked a little with her saliva, let it out of her mouth, eagerly swallowed air, and took it again. She also gladly licked the tense, hairy testicles, wrapped her lips around them, and sucked gently, while a member wet with saliva lay on her closed eyes. Having sucked, Vika herself got up like a dog with her knees on the bed and whispered: "Take me!" Misha did not wait either, he stood by his side, moved his penis along the wet lips, and began to enter. Vika narrowed her eyes from a sharp tingling sensation in the pussy and screamed a little, Misha was already gently, slowly fucking a narrow pussy, which tightly hugged the penis. A little blood appeared on the trunk of the penis flying out of the pussy, but neither Misha, carried away by a new hole, nor Vika, who had already endured a sharp pain, did not notice this. Vika moaned loudly, she already felt good, neither from her fingers nor from a blowjob, from a member in herself! These feelings are even stronger and more beautiful, she moaned and whispered: “Yeah! Yeah! You are super!". Misha, however, put his penis in faster and faster and breathed heavily, he was already at the limit, just before orgasm he took out his penis, drove the girl into the ass with a flourish, and began to finish. Vika collapsed forward onto the bed and lay blissfully, on her no longer virgin pussy 

there were traces of happiness, sperm flowed from the ass and flowed down the labia onto the bed.

Misha caught his breath, wiped his dirty penis with the girl's panties, and sent her home. Vika herself flew as if she was somewhere far away, he walked home and thought only about the member that was now in her, she was in seventh heaven with happiness. She felt good, every step, when panties crashed into her wet pussy, was a pleasure. After that, Mishka watched the newly filmed video. It was interesting for him to watch all this from the outside, how Vika gives herself up and enjoys it. So they had fun until the end of summer, every day, in any accessible place, Vika did what Mishka told him. She was very carried away by all this and loved to obey. Mishka kept inventing something, various interesting things that Vika liked very much, she was happy to do everything. At his request, she herself fondled in front of him, gave a blowjob wherever he said, it was in the forest, at night on the beach, at the entrance, on the roof of the house, even just in the evening in the yard.

The sweet summer that was so intense for them flew away. Autumn has come, an ordinary routine life has begun, taking up a lot of free time. But even then they did not calm down. They had fun whenever possible, less often, but continued. Probably, Vika began to have some feelings for Misha, although they were together only for the sake of sex. And Misha ... Misha simply enjoyed obedience, he was pleased to have an obedient girl at hand. He took her with desire, but when he finished he felt contempt and disgust for her, he knew that Vika was just a whore and therefore, having received what he wanted, he simply drove her out of the house or left himself. Over time, he became tougher, rougher. At first, it all started with rude words: "Nipple, bitch", then more rudely: "Whore, bitch, scum." He could spank Vika, pull her hair, hurt her. But all this, gradually attacking Vika, only liberated her more. He is a heifer from insults, and moaning in pain, she obeyed and easily allowed him everything. She became, madly in love, and was filmed, she did it even with pleasure. She confessed to Misha that she was his whore, and she herself got wet and received moral satisfaction.