Awakening love. Vika. Part 3

Awakening love. Vika. Part 3

    Vika is already used to a new friend, to Artyom. The three of them usually met, but there were times when Artyom was without Misha, he called or came for her, and the girl surrendered to him. She was so used to all this that she could not live a day without sex. Desire took possession of her, and the girl went mad. She desperately wanted, morning, afternoon, evening, and when she endured a day or two, these thoughts clouded her mind. Sometimes at such a time she simply dreamed of sex, even noticed that she just wanted to surrender herself to the first person she came across.

So, sitting at home one boring evening, Vika did not know what to do, Misha and Artem simply did not answer her messages, and they themselves did not call for a couple of days, and the girl decided to lure them a little differently. She looked around the apartment, made sure that there was no one at home, her mother went to the garden, and her father was at someone's birthday party.

She undressed, twisted in front of the mirror, and took some photos. In one photo she sucks her fingers, in the second she shows her ass, and in the third, she shows her wet pussy. Then she went to bed and wrote a message: “I'm all flowing! Crazy wants dick, sweet cum, piss! I will do anything, just fuck me! ”, Then she attached photos and sent a message. After a while, it came from Misha, and he ordered the girl to go to Skype. Vika obediently ran to the computer and answered the video call. Misha was not alone, he was sitting with some guy, this did not even surprise the girl, and she, smiling, said:

- Greetings!

- Healthy, bitch! Are you leaking?

“Yes, honey,” she answered him.

- This is my friend Sasha! Come on, show yourself to him!

Vika turned on the light in the room, turned on the radio quietly, went out to the middle of the room, and began to dance, showing her body to a new acquaintance. She gently stroked herself, on the chest, squeezing the standing nipples, on the tummy, legs, and wet pussy, brought her fingers to her lips, and licked gently. She bent down and showed Misha and Sasha her ass, pushed it apart, and spanked loudly. After Vika turned off the music and sat down in the chairs by the computer, put the legs on the table, wide apart. Misha smiled, and Sasha was already swallowing saliva from desire. Vika penetrated herself with her fingers and gently fucked, squeezing her breasts with her other hand, and gently moaned and whispered sweetly:

- I really want to!

- What do you want? - Misha asked and smiled.

“I want a dick,” the girl replied.

- Specifically, you scum!

- I want to be fucked madly now! - Vika began to tell, fucking herself with three fingers.

- Oh yeah! What else? - said, Sasha.

- I want to be next to you so that you take me as the last whore. I want to suck and expose my holes! - said Vika and blushed a little.

- And what about Artem? - Misha asked, fucked you?

- Yes, the day before yesterday I went to him, but it's not enough for me!

- Of course, you are not enough, you at least need to fuck together!

- Yes! - answered Vika.

- I'm out of town now, when I arrive, I’ll arrange for you!

- Yes, Mish,

I really want to, faster!

- I'm just going to see a friend in the army, come with me, see him off well!

- Artyom? - asked Vika?

- Not! But he will be there too!

“Whatever you say,” the girl whispered and blushed again.

- Let's tell Sasha something else! What a whore you are! - Misha said and left the frame.

- Come on, tell me what you want if you were there, - said Sasha, lowering his pants, and showed his penis to Vika, who was already standing, and the head was shining.

- What a beautiful! I want to crawl up to you like a dog, lick your legs, and rise up with kisses on your legs to press against your penis.

- Yes, continue! - Sasha whispered and began to jerk off a member!

- I rub my face on the penis, lick the testicles and open my mouth so that you enter me, right into the neck! Roughly, not sparing me to choke and choke on saliva! - Vika told and massaged her tender clitoris.

- Yes! Fuck your dirty mouth!

- And then you take out a dick, spit on my face and spank lips and cheeks with your head, calling me a whore. Then you lift it by the hair and put it in cancer, spank my ass, and come in abruptly! - Vika spoke, moaned, and watched Sasha jerk off quickly.

- Yes bitch, well done!

- You will fuck me, and I will moan and scream so that you do not stop and enter more! And when you start to cum, then you quickly substitute my mouth and fill it with sweet sperm! And then you can do whatever you want! Torment me, my holes, piss, humiliate and fuck again and again.

- Yes! Yes! Whore! - Sasha moaned and began to finish, splashing sperm on the table in front of the computer.

Vika moaned with the guy and continued to caress herself and watched as Sasha rubbed off the sperm and put on his pants. Then Misha came and sat down at the table and praised Vika: “Well done, Ryzhik! Now take a mug, nass in it, and drink! " Vika obediently got up, took a mug from the table, finished the tea left there, spread her legs, and brought it to the pussy. Seconds later, she filled a mug and showed it to the camera, and then she started drinking! "Well done bitch! Now pour your urine over!" - Misha commanded again, and the girl again filled the mug with urine, poured it on her head, wiped herself with her hands, and brought the mug to the pussy again.

- Well, you are a complete whore! - Sasha said in the background and laughed!

- Yes! I am so! - answered Vika, drinking her urine.

- Well, how to drink your urine?

- Fu, disgusting! Vika said and smiled! - I want yours, from your sweet members, to wipe it off, drink and lick off the floor!

- Okay Ginger! I'll call you as needed! - Misha said and the connection was cut off.

Vika took the last sip from the mug, put it aside, licked her lips, and sighed heavily, and said: “Damn! How I want to fuck! If only one member would enter me! I can't stand it anymore! As luck would have it, everyone is busy, even if you go outside to the first person you meet! " 

Vika finished speaking and continued to caress herself with her fingers, dreaming of Sasha's penis. But then Vika heard a loud bang from the closing of the door to the room, she turned around and saw a drunken father standing over her. He slapped the girl in the face, grabbed her by the hair and pulled her from the chair to the floor, hit her on the cheek again, and shouted:

- You should have raised such a whore! What are you Vika, absolutely crazy! - Shouted the father and Firmly held her by the hair.

- Don't, don't, dad! - Vika whined through her tears and tried to cover her face from the swings of her father.

- Bitch! Kill, you are not enough! - Shouted the father and once again slapped the girl in the face, threw her aside, and left the room, slamming the door just as loudly.

Vika whined like a little dog and roared, huddled in the corner of the room. 

So she cried for about an hour, thinking about what would happen now and what to do next. But I didn't think of anything. The father was shocked by what he saw, he sat down in the kitchen and continued to drink. He was already barely sitting and thinking, but he himself did not know what to do in this situation. He was about to go for another bottle, when Vika came to the kitchen, all tear-stained, in one dressing gown. She sat down on her knees and whispered through her tears:

- Dad, dad ... Dad forgive me! I beg you! Sorry, just don't tell your mom! I beg you.

- Bitch! - The father cursed and put the glass on the table, examined the girl.

- Dad! I beg you. I'll do everything.

- Who the fuck are you now? Even now you haven't put on your panties, all in your urine you call yourself a whore!

- Henna! - The girl whimpered, - well, forgive me, dad!

- How long?

- Henna ...

- For a long time, I ask? - The father shouted again and grabbed the girl by the hair.

“Almost a year,” Vika whispered.

- And? a lot of them?

- Two ...

- Rape?

- No, I got it ... - Before she could finish, her father hit her on the cheek again.

- And it is true? What did you say there? Truth? And do not try to lie!

- Yes, dad. I beg you, just don't tell your mom!

- And that suits you?

- Henna. - Vika just whimpered and did not answer.

- Fuck you! - Father shouted at her, lifted her by the hair, and dragged her into the room, while he left.

Vika did not sleep all night, she cried and thought about everything that had happened. "How how? Could this have happened? " - with this question she tormented herself and only in the morning she was able to fall asleep. She woke up at about twenty-ten, her father was already at work, and her mother had not yet arrived from the garden. She turned off the phone and lay in bed for another hour. Then I went to the shower, tidied up the house, and cooked dinner. Then she just turned on the music and lay down on the bed, still thinking about what had happened. Mother that evening did not come again, stayed again for the night in the garden. Vika was no longer able to sit, lie at home, she gathered herself and went out into the street, to get some fresh air, to get air. When she turned on the phone, she saw 

that Artem called her 7 times, and before she had time to turn off the phone again, he rang.

- Where are you? - Artyom said irritably!

- Here I am, just the phone is discharged, but I did not notice, - trying to justify, answered Vika.

- I'm near your house now, come on out.

- But I'm not at home myself ...

- And where? - Artem, interrupted the girl

- Today will not work, no way.

- What the fuck are you? She quickly threw everything to me.

- Not!

- Have you forgotten who you are? I said quickly! Come to the park!

- I was a little sick.

- So what? You will sweat at the same time! I said quickly! - He laughed.

- Yes, - Vika gave up and went to the park to meet Artyom.

Fifteen minutes later, she stood at the entrance to the park and looked around, Artyom shouted at her from the park and called with him, and Vika followed. It was already dark outside, but it was a little hot, the girl was in one dress and panties, her hair was loose. Artyom was in some shorts with a bottle of beer in his hands, he walked in front and took Vika away, into the depths of the park. Vika obediently walked, but she did not want either Artyom or sex, nothing at all. Artyom stopped, took a sip of beer and threw the bottle to one side, went up to Vika, lifted his dress with his hand, and began to feel the pussy through her panties.

He squeezed her tightly with his palm, from which Vika screamed and pressed her lips together. The guy lifted the dress higher, through the fabric of the panties, penetrating into the pussy, which was already wet, and Vika herself took off the dress and threw it next to her. His fingers penetrated deeply, roughly and quickly, again the girl's everything swam, everything that did not concern sex went into the background, and she spread her legs wider and whispered: “Yes! Yes! Take me!"

Artyom jerked the panties and tore them, pulled them harder, completely ripping them off the girl's body, and threw them away. He slapped the wet pussy with his palm, sharply inserted three fingers into her, and began to fuck. Quickly, strongly, penetrating with fingers to the full length. Vika moaned and was almost merry on the guy's shoulders, legs wide apart. After playing, he brought his hand to her face, wiped it, and put his fingers in his mouth. Vika obediently began to lick, enjoying the taste of her slit. Then he put her on his knees, and he unbuttoned his jeans and took out a member that was already standing. He came closer and pulled Vika by the hair. She herself pressed her face into the groin and began to lick, her tongue caressing the guy's testicles, his penis. She opened her mouth and planted it on it, resting her nose on the guy's lower abdomen.

And before she had time to release a member to breathe, Artem began to fuck her, holding her hair tightly. Drool immediately began to flow from Vika's mouth, she was breathing heavily, and her lips smacked sweetly on her penis. Vika has already fallen to her knees, holding on to Artyom's legs with her hands and exposing her mouth. The guy was breathing heavily and sweating a little, strong hands pulled the girl's head and pushed it all the way. Stopped abruptly, took out a penis and spanked Vicki's parted lips, spat in her face a couple of times, smeared it with a penis, moved it over her eyes, nose and started fucking her mouth again. She gasped, taking a member, sighed loudly if possible, and caressed herself with her hand. She looked into his eyes and dragged herself, she saw how good the guy was, how he breathed heavily and rarely moaned - all this pleased her and turned her on even more. After a while, the guy began to cum, deep in his throat, Vika choked on sperm and began to cough, shed a little tear, but Artem continued to fuck. He stopped, Vika sucked the penis herself, stroking the swollen clitoris at a breakneck speed, while Artyom walked away from orgasm.

Artyom tucked his penis into shorts, lit a cigarette, and began to look at the girl as she sat down with her booty on the ground and fiddled with her wet pussy with her palm, moaning loudly. Faster and faster she stroked herself with her palm, sometimes squeezed the labia, and again continued to caress. Even faster ... Fractions of a second and she began to finish, the girl squeezed her legs, all tensed and squealed sweetly. Breathing intermittently and rolling her eyes, she lay back, and Artyom had already finished smoking and stood over her and with his foot pushed her legs apart. He laughed and stepped on the wet pussy with a dirty slipper, pressed harder, and kicked slightly.

"What a dirty whore you are!" - he said and spat on the girl, saliva hit right on the forehead. Seeing how Vika took his saliva with her fingers and licked it, Artem took out his penis and began urinating on the girl. He quickly filled his open mouth and sent the stream to his chest, tummy to the legs apart, to pussy, and back into his mouth. Vika drank and rubbed herself, substituting her mouth, she eagerly and quickly swallowed urine, substituting her mouth again and again. Artyom, on the other hand, sent a stream to a dress lying next to him, urinated on it, shook off the last drops, and left, leaving Vika lying like this. 

Vika lay there for a few more minutes, licking her lips, hands and fingering the rest of the urine in her mouth. She liked her taste, smell, she lay and dragged from it all. She got up, looked around, darkness and silence enveloped her. The girl took the dress, pressed it to her face, and wiped it off, then survived it and put it on. It stuck to the body, but Vika was indifferent to all this, she staggered a little and went.

Coming out of the bushes under the lantern, she looked around, brushed off her dirty knees, and pulled back her dress. Not daring to go, she sat down on a bench and lifted her head up, watching the barely visible stars through the crowns of trees. She felt good, just sitting on the benches, remembering Artyom and feeling the taste and smell of his urine. So she decided to wait until the dress dries a little and her father falls asleep at home. A faint breeze blew through her, through her stuck hair, a dress adhering to her body, she slightly parted her legs, and a chill slid along the crack, still hot and wet with pleasure. Hearing some kind of negotiations in the distance, she got up, pulled back her dress, and walked towards the house.

Something like her

I got home, quietly opened the door, rushed into my room, and closed the door, to her disappointment, her father sat in the kitchen and drank as always. She stood in front of the mirror, looked at herself, and began to take off her dress, looked at herself again in the mirror, and reached for her robe as the door to the room opened. Father came in, looked around Vika, sighed heavily, and asked:

- Back?

- Yes, - turning to her father, Vika answered and covered her breasts and pussy with her hands.

- Fucked up, bitch?

- Not! - She answered and sat down on the bed, covering her body with a robe.

- And what's that? - Shouted the father, grabbed the robe, lifted Vika to the mirror, and continued. - Look at you! Look! - He tightly held Vika by the hair and pulled her closer to the mirror.

- And? - Vika whispered.

- Look! All bruised, dirty knees, but urine from you a mile away. - Father was angry and threw her on the bed.

He left, slamming the door, and again continued to sit in the kitchen, while Vika went to the shower and lay down on the bed when suddenly a message came to the phone from Misha's friend, the one with whom she communicated via Skype. He demanded that she talk to him again. Then Vika closed the door harder, sat down in a chair, and started calling Sasha, putting on headphones with a microphone. The girl sat, spread her legs, stroked herself, telling the guy how Artyom had just fucked her, and watched as Sasha caressed her penis. Vicki's father, wanted to somehow reach out to her so that she would think about her behavior, and again went to her room ...

He knocked, but the girl did not respond. Then he opened the door and saw again the same picture, how Vika shows herself to the guy, heard her whispering about sex with Artem. He again heard it from Vicki's lips, he told all this with such delight that the member in his father's pants tensed. He overheard everything, closed the door, and went to bed. But I didn't fall asleep so quickly. Before his eyes were his daughter, naked and accessible, and he imagined how she was being fucked by unknown guys. Vika quickly coped with Sasha, looked out into the corridor, did not see the light in the kitchen, and tiptoed out for a snack. She was sitting in one dressing gown, drinking tea and a sandwich. Although she caressed with Sasha, but did not finish, and only made it worse for herself, in my head, there were again thoughts only about sex. She desperately wanted a member, to feel it in herself, and not these senseless caresses with her hand.

Father left the room, went to the kitchen, and ignored Vika, who was sitting at the table, he poured a glass of water and began to drink. With her anxious look, Vika noticed her father's swollen member, turned to face him, and spread her legs, completely mad with desire. She looked into her father's eyes and lifted the knives on the stool, wide apart, showing him her pussy. He glanced at Vicki's legs, froze, and left, giving himself out a standing member that the girl noticed. She followed, opening her robe on the way, turned on the light in the room, went to the bed, and whispered:

- Dad, I am who I am! And I really like sex. Yes, today I was with a guy, but I didn't have enough, he did not enter me. Help me!

- What? - his father whispered, turned, and saw Vika in an open robe.

- And I will help you, I see that you are also on edge, but only mom should not find out about all this and my entertainment.

- Are you completely crazy?

- Yes, - said Vika and put one leg on the bed, showing herself to her father as much as possible.

- And what do you want?

Vika turned around and took off her robe, spread her legs wider, and bent over, showing her already wet pussy and ass. Then she stroked her breasts with her fingers and stroked her pussy, parted her labia, and whispered: “I really want to! Very very! I want to feel the penis in my pussy! " He got up on the bed and watched as Vika caressed herself, he entered his hole with a finger and moaned softly. He could not stand it ... Either from the fact that he had not had sex with his wife for half a year, or from the alcohol he had drunk, or from all at once. He sat down on the bed, took Vika by the buttocks, pulled him over so that she slowly sat on the penis. She held on to his legs and moved her booty herself, sitting on her father's penis to the ground, and sweet moans came from her tender lips.

She moved faster and faster, whispering to her father: “Yes! Yes! Stronger, yes! " The father could not stand it and put Vika on the bed, lifted his ass, and entered the pussy himself, abruptly and rudely. She quickly started fucking her, so the girl moaned loudly. Vika noticed that her father was already at the limit, she whispered through moans: "Not into me, just go into your mouth!" After these words, the father stopped began to jerk off, and Vika herself turned her face and took the head in her mouth, squeezed her lips tightly, and took a giant portion of sperm, which did not disappear into her mouth. She swallowed quickly, but there was so much semen that the penis splashed into the eyes and nose of the girl. Vika sucked a member, got up, and smiled at her father.

- Thank you! I hope now this is our secret, - she whispered to him and continued to suck.

- Yes! - answered the father, breathing heavily.

- If you want, you can repeat it, - smacking her lips, continued Vika.

“I hope you don’t talk about it?”

- Who?

- Fuck yours.

- Of course not. - Vika replied, once more passionately kissed the sagging member, and stood up.

- Did I help you?

- Hmm, a little bit! - said Vika, smiled, and went into the kitchen.

- What's wrong? - he asked and followed.

- You are my daddy, how can I be happy! You are gentle and affectionate, but I need it differently.

- And how? - asked the father, taking out two glasses from the cabinet and a bottle.

- How? - Vika asked again, waited for her father to pour, drank with him, and continued. - Not sparing me, rudely 

and tough!

- Is it true that you tell the guy through the computer?

- Sure! And I love it very much! Now, if you took me yesterday after you beat me, I would probably go crazy with pleasure. - Vika laughed and looked out the window.

- Okay, go, sleep! - He said to her and went into the bedroom himself.

Vika followed, took the robe and went to her room, lay down in the bed, and fell asleep. She woke up in the afternoon when her father had already left for work, and my mother had just arrived. She met her and sighed with relief when she realized that her mother did not know anything. So the girl drove herself into an even greater circle of vice, debauchery, and adventure, but most importantly, even in such a situation, she enjoyed herself. She enjoyed everything that happened to her.