Awakening love. Vika. Part 4

Awakening love. Vika. Part 4

    What's new? Yes, everything is the same, Vika meets with Misha, Artem, rarely, but aptly, the father uses the girl's obedience, but recently Vika has less fun. Summer gave way to autumn, it became cold and the boys no longer so zealously take possession of the girl on the street, perhaps the interest in the girl began to disappear. Misha felt more and more contempt for her, he became tougher, because for him Vika is just a rag, this is a thing that can be thrown out. held out. Vika was rarely with her father, only when they were alone. He was often drunk, and always angry with the girl for her behavior, and Vika, on the contrary, provoked her father to be rude in order to get a small portion of sweet pain and humiliation. And he simply could not look at her soberly, and if Vika began to pester, then he always tried to reason with the girl, but only did something pleasant for Vika.

Today is Saturday, the first day of November, Vika was still basking in bed when the phone buzzed, the girl reluctantly climbed out from under the covers and read a message from Misha. "Ginger! Today we will go to the sauna, see a friend off to the army! By 19 to be ready! " As a substitute for Vika, she burst into flames with desire, jumping out of bed, went to the window. The sun was shining on the street, but it did not warm, dry, cool weather, which the girl did not like very much. She washed up, poured herself a mug of hot tea and sat down in an armchair, and buried herself in the TV, dreaming of the upcoming evening. The door to the apartment opened, it was my father who came, he went to the station to see off my mother, who was leaving to visit her friend. He undressed, went to Vika's room, and said:

- I sent everything to my mother for two weeks, now there is no need to be afraid.

- Yes, - Vika turned to her father, pushing the glass of unfinished tea away.

- The whole household in the house is on you! So don't be trash.

- And you will scold and punish me? - asked Vika and smiled.

- Well, you and a whore! - The father shouted to the girl, gave her a slap in the face, and went into the kitchen.

- Ahh! Yes! - Vika shouted in the trail.

Vika took off her robe, straightened her hair, twirling in front of the mirror, and went after her father. Vika, as she received a message from Misha, was immediately aroused, and she desperately wanted sex. She walked past her father sitting at the table and stood at the window, resting her hands on the windowsill, spread her legs, and stuck out her ass. She turned to her father and said:

- I’m going to visit this evening, but I don’t have the strength to endure! Help me, please, - Vika whispered, slowly rubbing her clitoris with her palm.

- I think that the mother left in vain! You, damn it, will draw all the juices out of me now!

- Well, daddy, well, honestly, I can't wait, at least just a blow job.

- Tell me, why do I need all this? Why did my girl become such a whore?

- Well, she became and did, - Vika whispered, came up

to her father and sat on her knees.

- Stop. - He held the girl by the palms of the face. - What are you talking about?

- Come on! Take me, faster! - Vika said, parted her legs, and, continuing to hang in the palms of her father, began to stroke the pussy.

- So you want? - With these words, he let go of the girl and put his foot on the wet pussy, with his fingers, penetrating inside.

- Yes! Yes! - Vika leaned back, unlocking the handles and substituting her hot hole.

His toes penetrated the young pussy. and the girl moaned, looking into his eyes and whispering: “Yes! Yes! Yes!" The father raised his leg, and Vika obediently began to lick her fingers, licking her juices with her tongue, she fucked herself with her fingers. Vika herself moved, sitting on them, and moaned contentedly, with one hand she was holding her chest, squeezing strongly, and with the other, she rested on the floor so as not to fall. He looked at Vika, his eyes were burning, and his lips twitching nervously, said:

- The apple never falls far from the tree! Your mother was still in bed!

- What? - Vika whispered through her moans.

- She was also madly in love with sex! Certainly not like you, she didn’t give to everyone, probably. - and with these words, the father pondered.

- If I loved sex as I did, I would definitely cheat! - Vika smiled and whispered.

- You're that slut! - the father said and pushed Vika with his foot

- Well, dad! - crawling, the girl whispered.

- Fuck you! - He got up and went to the balcony, lighting a cigarette.

Vika got up, followed, went to the balcony and sat at her father's feet, buried herself in his groin, and began to unbutton her jeans, pressing her face. The father did not resist, he stood leaning out the window and smoked, began a conversation with a neighbor who was passing by, and did not see how Vika had already begun to suck his dick. The girl had already taken off her jeans with panties and tongues licking a barely tense penis, its base, and testicles. And the father continued to talk, pretending to be relaxed, but as Vika took the penis completely in her mouth, it was difficult to do. He said goodbye in a hurry, threw out his cigarette, grabbed Vika by the hair, and dragged her into the bedroom.

- Well, bitch! What do you want? - The father threw the girl on the bed, and Vika got down on her knees, substituting her holes.

- I beg you! Fuck! Fuck me!

- Where to? - Loudly asked the father and with his palm loudly hit the pussy, so that Vika screamed!

- As you wish! Anywhere, anywhere! - Vika whispered, pushing her ass out even more.

- So? - He said to Vika and fingers burst into the wet pussy.

- Yeah! - Vika moaned long!

His hand began to quickly and strongly fly into the wet, hot pussy, stretching it and penetrating deeper with each movement.

Vicki's loud moans drove her father crazy even more, he fucked her harder and deeper with his palm. The girl buried herself in the pillow and through tears of pleasure moaned wildly, and did not dare to move and remove her holes from him. It hurt a little, but Vika did not notice her and moaned loudly.

Didn't pass 

and for a couple of minutes, the girl began to cum, splashing her urine a little. She shuddered and tensed, yelped, and collapsed onto the bed, jumping off her father's palm. He again strongly slapped Vicki's bottom, wiping his wet palm on his back. Firmly grabbed the waist and lifted the girl again, directed the standing member into the open hole and entered, whispering: “So! So you want a bitch? " Vika just moaned, feeling his cock in her, this hot, strong, and hard cock! In a fit of passion, his penis jumped out of the pussy and entered an unprepared ass, sharply and deeply, giving Vika hellish pain. But the girl pursed her lips and obediently stood, and her father continued to fuck in the ass. Deeply and roughly, it is clear that he got dirty, but he continued, the girl's butt had already got used to it, and Vika moaned louder, receiving only pleasure. A few minutes later, the father himself finished, filling Vika with a portion of sperm. He made a couple more push and took out a member, wiped it on the girl's ass, and went into the bath. Vika stood a little longer and went into the room, wiped herself off with wet wipes, and waited in line for the shower. Following her father, she went to the shower, cooled down, washed, and when she left, she realized that she was left alone. Father had already gone somewhere and Vika sat down at the computer, waiting for Misha. 

The rest of the day flew by unnoticed, and by half-past six Vika had once again washed, put on her makeup, and began to dress. Jeans covered legs, a T-shirt and a light jacket on top. The girl went out into the street and stood at the entrance to the entrance, waiting for Misha. He did not keep himself waiting, at exactly seven a car arrived, Misha got out and beckoned Vika with his hand. They sat down and drove off, after forty minutes the car stopped near a country house, Misha got out of the car and grabbed Vika by the hand, and dragged her along. They passed through a creaky gate and entered the courtyard, which turned out to be a mini-hotel with a sauna and a bathhouse. Misha led her past the guards, the administrator, who watched the girl, smiling mutely, and the girl ended up in the sauna hallway. Misha ordered the girl to undress completely and follow, and he quickly undressed and disappeared into the next room. Vika undressed, neatly folded her clothes on the bench, and was horrified when she counted the number of shoes. There were 7 pairs of men's boots and sneakers, but Vika straightened her hair and went to the door after Misha.

The girl's heart was pounding at a breakneck speed, drowning out all sounds with its beating. The girl carefully began to peer into the room and little by little peered into the faces of the guys sitting at the table, there were seven of them, Misha had already sat down at the table next to Artyom, she saw others for the first time. She did not go into the room, leaned against the wall, and sighed softly, with anticipation. Misha shouted to her: “Well, where the fuck are you? Come on here, everyone is tired of waiting! " Vika looked out again and realized that everyone was looking at her, it was something! All the guys with eyes burning with desire watched Vika enter the room, alone

even dropped the stack. The girl entered, covering her crack with her palm, stood next to the door, and peered into the faces of the guys. The whole body of the girl was covered with goosebumps, her hands were shaking a little, it was both fear and wild desire. After Misha waved his hand and lured her to him, Vika obediently approached and stood next to him. He slapped her on the bottom, held out a glass of vodka, and said, watching her drink: “Here is my promised gift! Just don't break it! " All the guys laughed loudly and knocked over another stack, starting to discuss Vika.

A couple of minutes later Misha got up, grabbed Vika by the hand, took her to the next room, and pushed her onto the sofa. Then he left, and Vika herself obediently lay back and spread her legs, watching the guys through the open door. Her heart was still pounding, it became hot, a wild desire captured the entire body of the girl, she gently began to caress herself with her fingers and moan a little. She looked first at one guy, then at another, and eagerly nibbled on her lips. There was no strength to endure and Vika, meeting the eyes of one of the guys, lured him with her finger to her. The guy, whom Vika did not know, got up, drank a glass, and said: "Well, I went, Open the marathon!" He went into the room to Vika, closed the door behind him, and took off his jeans, showing an already standing member. The girl herself sat down on the edge of the sofa and quickly began to suck, swallowed the penis completely, resting her noses on the hairy lower abdomen. She looked into his drunken eyes and quickly sat down on the penis with her mouth, taking it completely.

A few minutes later she lay back and spread her legs, and the guy climbed onto her without a word. His hot penis entered the wet pussy without delay, immediately to its full length, and the girl moaned sweetly. From behind the closed doors, the furious laughter of the rest of the company was heard, amusing themselves with the girl. Vika moaned very loudly and shouted: “Yes! Yes! Stronger, Deeper! Fuck me! " The guy who used Vika couldn’t stand it for ten minutes, he took out a penis from the pussy, pulled the girl by the hair and towards him, and stroking the penis began to cum in his open mouth. Vika opened her mouth wide and stuck out her tongue to meet and immediately hot sperm hit her face. A drop got into the eye, and Vika clasped the head of the penis with her lips, taking the rest of the sperm into her mouth. The guy breathed heavily, looking at the ceiling, got dressed, and left, leaving Vika lying.

Vika lay, enjoying the sperm, holding it in her mouth and fingering it with her tongue. The girl's wet pussy glittered in the light, and another of the guys walked in next. He was different, such a conclusion was made by the girl, he undressed and sat down by the sofa, spreading her legs. He kissed the girl's knees and began kissing down to the base of her legs. His tongue crawled through to the wet pussy, he caressed the swollen clitoris and penetrated deep into the depths. The lips gently clasped the genital lips, sucked them, and did not squeeze them tightly, pulling them to the side. Vick is not giving pleasure, but she moaned obediently, showing pleasure. He licked and rose with kisses higher, on the tummy, chest, and reached her lips.

Eagerly began kissing, but feeling a tart taste in Vicki's mouth he stopped, he realized that it was sperm on her lips and stopped, got up, looked at the girl with contempt, and began to insert a member. He fucked her madly, plugging his dirty mouth with his hand, and he himself looked away, he was ashamed that he was kissing Vika, that he was kissing a mouth full of sperm. Vika was in thought, she instinctively moaned, but thought about her first kiss and about caressing her pussy with the tongue. She was uncomfortable with the fact that the guy was licking, even stupid, he did not know everything about Vika and began to caress her like that. And the kiss just knocked her down, the girl who was just sucking was kissed, and it all just surprised her. Vika continued to moan and thought about her own, and the guy was already at the limit, he quickly took out his penis and splattered the girl's tummy. He dressed the same way and went to his friends at the table. 

So, for about four hours, almost all the guys passed through the girl, and not once, only Misha remained, he just watched. But at the end, he got up and went to Vika, took her by the hair, and pulled her into the room where they were all sitting. Vika was sitting in the center of the room, sperm flowed down her chest, tummy, and face, and the semen of someone from the guys also flowed from the fucked up priests. She sat on her knees and looked into the eyes of the guys, and Misha held her tightly by the hair, looking forward to minutes of pleasure from humiliation over the girl. He pulled at the hair, lifting the girl's face to the top, and asked:

- Liked?

- Yes! - answered the girl, breathing heavily and smiling a little.

- Yet? - Misha asked loudly, lifting the girl by the hair.

- Yes! - Vika screamed, squeaky and thin, in pain.

- Whore! Hope you survive! - with these words, Misha bent the girl and sharply put his palm into the pussy. With a breakneck speed, he began to fuck, constantly expanding his hand inside the girl.

- AAAA! Yes! - Vika moaned loudly, trying to relax, but in unbearable pain.

Vika stood on tiptoes, rising up, and tried to jump off the guy's palm, her loud moan was drowned out by the laughter of the other guys. The girl rolled her eyes and began to cum, screaming and whimpering loudly. Such a strong orgasm was for the first time, it was difficult for her to restrain herself, and tears came to the girl's eyes. She was shaking, reclining on the floor, breathing heavily and whimpering, not hearing the guys. So for several minutes, the girl was simply lost, she did not understand what was happening, lay, and walked away from orgasm. It hurt a little, it was cold from the floor, and my whole body was on fire. It was unforgettable! But Misha did not even think to stop, while the girl was lying and whimpering, he drank with friends and began to discuss the following entertainment. Somehow she moved away, got up a little, and looked at her watch, it was already half past midnight. The girl sighed and lay down on the floor again, but to rest did not make it. Misha came up again, holding a marker, in thick lines he wrote on the girl's forehead the word "Slut", on the chest the words "I want to suck", on the bottom "I give in the ass and pussy", after which on the back he added "I was fucked: Misha, ”and then listed the names of all the guys that were nearby. The wild laughter at the submissive girl did not drown out for a long time, the guys gave the written words time to dry and rolled over the pile.

Two of the guys began to gather, taking a couple of photographs as a souvenir, left, those who remained, continued to drink, and soon got completely drunk, Vika all this time obediently sat on the floor and watched what she felt, she did not even know herself. She was hurt, ashamed, but this could not be compared with the pleasure she received. She wanted to quickly go to her home and rest, but she sat and enjoyed every drop of pleasure, the fact that they were looking at her, the fact that the body was covered with obscene words, what was done to her now. Soon the guys had some more fun doing a little photoshoot. They put Vika in different poses, photographing her alone and themselves next to her, and filming small videos with the girl's confessions about her love for dicks. But the last idea turned out to be the toughest ...

Misha has already called a taxi and started to "improve" the girl's clothes. The T-shirt, panties, and jacket were thrown away, and the jeans were torn apart by two guys with wild laughter. As a result, the Girl was standing in the hallway, with an open chest and torn jeans between the legs, everything was visible, chest, pizza, butt, and on her forehead in bright black letters was seen the inscription "Whore". In this form, she was escorted to the taxi, and Misha, having paid the money, simply left. The girl was half asleep, either from fatigue or from sex, she felt the car move and closed her eyes. They drove for about ten minutes, the car stopped, the taxi driver got out, opened the back door, and pulled Vika out into the street. He, a fat man about forty years old, took her away from the stop, turned her back, and bent sharply. Without a word, he unbuttoned his jeans, put on a condom, and began to fuck a naked pussy. Vika did not even moan, at that moment there was no strength for it. She didn't resist and just stood there, trying not to fall. This fat man coped with it very quickly drove the dick in full swing and filled the condom in the girl with his sperm. Just as quickly, he tucked in his jeans and went into the car, calmly saying: “Let's sit down quickly. “Vika staggered to the car, sat down, and fell down, starting to doze, and after half an hour the taxi driver woke the girl up with light slaps and kicked her out. Time was about three o'clock in the morning, the girl quietly opened the front door to the apartment and in this form lay down on the bed, and fell asleep while thinking about what happened.

She slept soundly, sweetly and did not yet know that Misha's friends on the Internet posted a lot of photos and videos with her accessible body, she did not know what the taxi driver, standing in the parking lot, boasted to his acquaintances how he fucked a young beautiful whore, telling where she lives. She did not know that a neighbor who was smoking on the balcony at this late time saw her and carefully examined her through the peephole of his door. She did not know that this was the last day before a new life.