First time is love

First time is love

       It was an ordinary evening we spent together in our bed. As always: long rough sex. It was for the sake of sex that we were together. Not for love, not for sex. I persistently persuaded my friends that we were not in a relationship but in sex. And so it was. So that evening we enjoyed each other without hesitation and restrictions. After all, relaxed, we lay, talking, enjoying the sensations after intense sex. Candles were burning out on the table, the blanket fell from the bed to the floor, things were scattered on the floor. He offered to give me a massage. He sat on me and started stroking my back. In such tender, intimate and romantic moments, I want to always be with him and not disturb this idyll in any way.

At first, he just stroked my back, and then he began to go down to the priest, stroking the buttocks and legs, sometimes penetrating between them. I began to get excited, but he did not rush things, continued to stroke his buttocks, spread his legs a little, and caressed the labia. Lying on my stomach and not seeing him, I felt unprotected, vulnerable, and completely at his mercy. I do not know where the partner is now looking and what he plans to do with me, not knowing how to control it, I can only respond to his actions. And I can only manage the process if I sincerely express my emotions, letting him know what I like and what I don’t ... This feeling of a “poor lamb” turned me on. I was already so excited that without the logical enchanting denouement I would not have lagged behind him. He penetrated me with his fingers, I told him what to do: I would like everything to be gentle, soft, and not abrupt, and he did so. Then he began to accelerate the pace, wringing my hands, holding my hair, or spanking my buttocks ...

The excitement in me was growing. I wriggled all over, lifting my ass, bending my back, moaning, asking me to fuck ... I felt incredible pleasure, but I was still far from orgasm. I began to rub his booty from him, hinting that I want to feel his standing member in me. He, too, was already aroused by all this action. And, taking my hips, he abruptly entered from behind, inserting his hot flesh into me to the limit. I gasped all over from this sharp jolt. He entered and froze, and then began to fuck me with sharp, deep jerks. But at that moment I felt that my excitement began to subside, I enjoyed it, but I was moving away from the long-awaited orgasm, in spite of the fact that he did to me exactly what my fulfilled fantasy gave out at that moment: he fucked me like that as I wanted, with one hand he held my hair, and with the other, he squeezed my buttock. I moaned like crazy. As a result, he finished quickly enough. This upset me. he usually wants to rest a little after that before we have sex again. 

buttocks, I was lying on my stomach upset. I tell him: "Take a rest!" Ignoring my words, he again spread my legs and began to fondle me vigorously, of course after such caresses and sex I was all soft, hot, and flowing. So I decided: “Since I don't want to stop, then okay, I'll come off to the fullest. “He began to caress me just like before sex, then he threw me over his knee and increased the pace and penetration, spanking me. I like this so much, it turns out, I got into the taste and would never stop it. But I understood that he was tired. Then I rolled over on my back, this is a more traditional position for such caresses with us, and in it I usually finish quickly. He stroked my stomach and chest with one hand and fucked with the other. I moaned to him to remember about the clitoris. He began to caress the clitoris with his thumb, the middle and forefinger were inside, and with his little finger, he lightly touched the anus, thereby exciting this area.

This I describe to you what he did ... but what I felt ... I moaned ... then it seems to me my moans were more like sobs, I almost screamed how good I felt ... in short, I moaned, screamed, but I didn't finish ... I was already sweating, I ripped off the sheets ... I really wanted to tell him that I love him and ask him if he loves me ... I also wanted to ask if he loves my pussy, this is not like me. When I felt that the denouement was close, then a huge, warm plush rink ran over me ... At that moment I really wanted to look in his eye, I literally pulled his chin by force so that he would look at me. At the moment of the highest point of orgasm, he looked into my eyes. But he could not do it further, because all his attention was riveted on what was happening below.

I had a squirt for the first time in my life! I didn't even understand this, with screams and tears in my eyes, I struggled in orgasm for several seconds. I already know this from his words, since I myself vaguely remember this moment. I was all wet, hot, out of breath, with a clouded mind, lay in front of him. He stroked my pussy, stomach, waited for me to start to come to my senses. Then he said that he was scared. when I realized that this was not an ordinary orgasm. It turns out in his practice this is also the first case, although he is quite experienced in bed. After that time, during our sex relationship, which lasted another couple of months, I had two or three squirts. So far, none of my subsequent lovers have succeeded in repeating this.