I fall apart in your arms, multiple orgasms roll over me.

I fall apart in your arms, multiple orgasms roll over me.

I woke up in tears. I dreamed nothing bad, on the contrary, my dream was extremely beautiful. I was crying, rather, from disappointment that it was just a dream. The dream in which you and I made love.

I'm not a nymphomaniac, but the sex with you, which I constantly want, seems to me for granted. Thoughts about sex with you do not leave me even in my sleep. Therefore, I received a double dose every day - in reality, and in the kingdom of Morpheus. But for the last two weeks, I have had to be content with only one, far from the best of the two - the surreal. I sank to the point that I began to caress myself when you left for work.

Today's dream threw me off balance - to lie next to you, naked, hot, seductive; to contemplate your magnificent body, your penis so attractive to me, at one glance at which I begin to flow, sips sweetly in the bottom of my belly, and my mouth tries to get it into itself - all this is too much of a test. I turn to the wall, sob a couple of times, the brightest details of what I saw and desired with all my heart (and body) float into my head. Gritting my teeth, I try to pull myself together, which turns out to be completely useless.

Getting out of bed, I go to the bathroom, where I crawl under the shower to recover and cool my ardor somewhat. It would seem, what a problem - to make love. But these problems are not present only at the beginning. Then stress, work, and other things appear that leave neither energy nor time for such trifles. The last time I couldn’t restrain myself, you were angry that you wanted to please me, but you’re completely devastated that again you will not get enough sleep, that you are too tired, and I don’t understand this, so I decided not to repeat the incident.

Standing under the hot stream, I remember our lovemaking in the shower. With my own hands, I begin to caress my breasts, I fiddle and twist the nipples, which become elastic and give off a sweet pain with every touch. I wrinkle my chest as if you were doing it. In the lower abdomen, heat, burning with desire, spreads.

... You are standing under the warm jets of water enveloping your body. I can't see your face, but your broad back with muscles rolling under the skin looks relaxed. The narrow thighs begin with a fine and firm bottom. The one who believed that only men like to look at the butts was mistaken. Women are turned on and worried about this part of the male body no less.

You throw your head back, exposing your face to soothing currents. I come up from behind and hug you, leaning my whole body against yours. You feel my chest touching your back, you feel my tummy burning with the fire of desire for you, your ass feels the touch of my pussy, clean-shaven and hot. I put my hands on your chest and slowly begin to lower them lower. My hands take your hard and full of desire members and begin to caress them. 

I pull down your flesh, exposing your head. The pads of my fingers slide up and down it, wrapping around it like the rods of a cage. The secondhand moves up and down in a spiral along your trunk. Then I put my thumb on your bridle, and I begin to guide it up and down. You moan softly and then turn to face me. Your pupils are pulsing with desire, and I can see how you want me. You sharply lean me against the wall, covering my lips with yours, your tongue slips inside my mouth. My tongue pulls out to meet him, and they intertwine in a bizarre dance.

You pull back a little, and I kneel down. Your penis is right in front of my mouth, I lightly touch the tongue of its most sensitive part - the head, taste and feel its tart taste, suck on the head, and then swallow it whole. I move up and down without opening my lips, creating a vacuum in my mouth. I strip the head and bridle and begin fiddling with the tip of my tongue. You put your hand on my head, preventing me from getting too far away. I stick out my tongue and flutter it over the head, like a butterfly. Once again, taking it all into my mouth, I do a couple of movements, and then, caressing the trunk with one hand, I process the head of your beautiful penis with my mouth. The tip of my tongue slides into a hole in its very center, which expands as you get more aroused, emitting drops of lubricant, whose taste on my lips inflames me and makes me lick your cock with even more lust.

You don't want to end like that, so with a powerful movement, you lift me off my knees, kiss me on the lips, feeling your taste on them, and begin to caress my breasts with your hands. Your penis rests against me, it is so big and elastic. I groan with a desire that eats away at me. Pressing me against the wall of the bathroom, you cover my chest with your whole palm, slightly crushing it, from which it begins to ache sweetly, wanting more and more to feel your touch. My nipples are hardening, and you tease me lightly by stroking them with your thumbs and then twisting them between your index and thumb. My body responds to your touch, and a moan escapes from my lips. You smile and, continuing to caress one breast with your hand, you begin to suck on the nipple with the other and fiddle with your tongue. My pussy is already all wet, but not from water, but from those juices that make it stand out from your kisses, your touches, the sight of your invitingly standing member.

Continuing to cover my skin with kisses, you sink lower, and now your tongue, teasing, lightly touches my girl. You make them a couple of movements, and I arch, unable to contain a loud groan. I run my fingers through your hair ...

Remembering us who made love in the same soul, I lose control of myself, and my hands themselves sink lower and lower, to the cherished corner of pleasure. I start to fingering with my fingers a small tubercle, clean-shaven the day before, feeling how the nerves throughout the body begin to tense and ache sweetly, wanting relief from the growing tension. I insert one finger into myself, make several movements up and down, then again begin to caress the clitoris with three fingers, then quickly, quickly pulling it from side to side, then running my fingers in a circle. On the other hand, I wrinkle my breasts, paying close attention to the nipples, which I pull and twist. I groan and close my eyes.

... You drive me into a frenzy with your tongue: it glides gently and softly over the lips of my girl, then you firmly inject it inside me like a piston, then slightly hammer my clitoris with it, periodically sucking it. Your hands firmly hold my thighs, because I begin to wriggle and groan from your touch, my body seems to be eager to break free from the captivity of this sweet torment, which makes my whole body tremble and feel every cell of it. But you know that even more, I want only one thing - to explode with an orgasm, which only you can give me. 

I have already reached the point of no return, and you get up, sharply turn me with my back to you and, after passing the head of your penis along the slit of my labia, slowly begin to introduce your penis inside my pussy, which is already burning with impatience and desire to feel you inside ... I groan when you find yourself in me, feeling you with all your being. My nerves are strained to the limit. You insert your penis into me to its full length. For a couple of seconds, you stop, letting me feel how hard and big he is, and how my girl completely envelops him, and he perfectly fills this emptiness inside me, just like Yin complements Yang ...

My fingers drive me to extreme excitement. I finish violently, but I know that this is not the end, but only the beginning. I take a shower in my hands and direct it to my pussy, which is tightly escaping under huge pressure. I start to shudder, my whole body seems to consist of only one nerve endings. Driving the shower from side to side, I feel an orgasm incipient in the depths of my pussy, ready to explode like an atomic bomb, capable of tearing me apart from the inside, making me feel decomposed into separate cells and at the same time feel like a whole, alive as never before ... I lean one hand against the wall because my legs are starting to shake and buckle.

... I rest against the wall with both hands, you hold my hips with one hand and stroke my pussy, and with the other, you caress my breasts. You start to move slowly, but I push you more and more, hugging you more and more often. I speed you up by holding your ass. With every move you make, I moan louder. I feel the warmth start to rise up my spine and at the same time goosebumps run. Taking me by the thighs with both hands, you put me on on your member. You are entering me deeper and deeper, although it would seem that this is no longer possible. I go crazy with the feeling when you firmly and imperiously hold me when I feel your palms, so strong, in which I seem to myself to be fragile and a little girl. I'm already on the edge. The pearl of orgasm is already emerging in the valves of my shell, it remains only to extract it with a few more movements of your skillful penis ...

With a few movements of the jet from side to side, I bring myself to the highest point and explode from within with a deafening orgasm. My pussy has not felt such an intense impact for a long time. I scream and moan loudly, my legs buckle, but I continue to direct the stream to myself at the girl, knowing that one deafening orgasm is followed by another, and so I can finish almost to the point of losing consciousness.

Suddenly I feel the touch of the head of your penis on my labia. You slowly lead her up and down my crack. I am ready to explode from this one touch. You press your whole body behind me, take my chest in your palms and kiss my shoulders and neck. I am all on fire from your touch and a new orgasm waiting in line in the bowels of my pussy. You whisper in my ear:

- I dreamed that we made love in the shower. You moaned loudly, you were ready to cum - and suddenly I woke up. My penis was waiting for the continuation in reality, but there was no one around. And then I heard you moan ... I have never woken up from something so sexy and exciting.

You push your cock into me, you move harder and deeper. I fall apart in your hands, multiple orgasm waves over me.

... I fall apart, I am carried away into space, I rise to the heavens and fall into the very depths. My head is spinning, and my legs buckle exhausted, I sink to the floor. You breathe heavily and sit next to me too. We kiss each other tenderly ...

We kiss each other tenderly. I gasp in your arms, my body relaxed and blissful. There is nothing better than feeling you in me, feeling how you move, shudder and cum inside me. Is it only dreams about it that become reality ...