I have never received so many orgasms during vespers.

I have never received so many orgasms during vespers.

Hello reader! I want to tell you a little about myself right away so that after reading it you don't get the feeling that I am a lost woman, a whore and all, that, since everything is different.

I am 29 years old, my mother was engaged in dancing, and my father was professionally engaged in boxing. It so happened that I was born from my parents, a beauty, as adults say, tall, with good legs, but I generally keep quiet about my breasts. This is what is passed on in the family as a whole from mom. As a child, she loved to dance, well, it is clear that mom dances, gravitation to beauty. A little older I went to rhythmic gymnastics. My height at that time was 174 cm. I did not stretch much, now it is 176 cm. But in gymnastics, it was easy and simple for me to perform, despite the height and weight of my chest. The kids at school are tired of my stretch marks. Then the university. Some novels, the first sex in nature, when the group and I went to rest. In general, I did not

Then he met. He lived as a civilian for a little over three years. I don't even want to talk about him, let alone his name. It was just an experience. I think it happens to everyone. As time went on, I grew up in my career, again, as they understood, I devoted little time to myself and my pleasures. Although I also went to training and the body remained in great shape. The time came when I realized that I had already achieved a lot. It's time to stop and think about yourself. About his forever empty bed, by the way, already in his beautiful and cozy apartment. Sometimes I caressed myself in the morning before work and more often in the evening when the loneliness went off scale and the body demanded its own. Many men, friends, colleagues, just partners, this is understandable, boobs, butt, legs swirled around me. Anyone would like to. And I can only imagine what their fantasies did to me. And I switched to the urgent realization of my erotic desires. Hungry, so to speak. I spent weekends with this or that guy all the time. I went to clubs, met there. I went alone because my old friends all got married and had children.

I began to get used to pleasure. I wake up with one guy, with another. To fondle them in the morning (yes, I really fell in love with oral sex, age affected, and even more so) I was taken in different ways, but I wanted more. It so happened that they were all either dead or married. I wanted one such male. All women will understand me. Everyone has this perfect guy in their heads. And then one day it happened, they say, dreams come true. I was sitting in a cafe for lunch, thinking about work, about vacation, and about where to spend it, and as soon as I was carried away into the sunny azure distance, it was me hit by a hurricane. The smell of a hurricane. I loved perfume for men, but I never had such a scent. I turned around and sat down next to him. His shoes immediately grabbed my attention, black, and seemed to cast my reflection. Dressed in a leather jacket over a black polo shirt. Thanks to the jacket, even I realized how inflated and strong he was. Light stubble every two days, blue eyes and jet black hair cut short and slightly swollen from varnish (gel?). I drank coffee, looked into the distance of the cafe. Then he turned and smiled when he saw me. I was ashamed that we were in the school cafeteria, and the high school student showed signs of attention to me.

I even blushed, maybe. I do not remember. He looked at me, as always in red patent leather shoes, a red skirt above the knee, and a white blouse. Loose red hair, red lipstick, red manicure. I was flustered and crossed my legs. Yes, I hadn't had sex for about a week and I really wanted to. And he just ate me with his eyes all those two or four seconds. I finished my juice. I looked at SMS on my iPhone, didn't look anymore. The truth is not smart. But she could tell exactly where he was by the smell. He was here. Later, I was about to leave and, throwing my iPhone in my purse, decided to smoke a cigarette. Yes, damn it, I went in for sports, dancing, but still started smoking. Do not be indignant, it happens. I lit a cigarette and, just looking up, saw that a charming bouquet fell on the table (I confess, I saw this only at weddings with friends, I myself have not received such a bouquet yet) a bouquet of red roses. Looking higher, I saw that HE was standing in front of me, and now I could see better than this brutal man with a dimple in his chin, a real man with a capital letter, his smile, in which I drowned.

- Thank you, very nice, but why all of a sudden?

“Just such a charming lady. You look wonderful. Let me sit down?

- Yes, please. I am very glad.

- Are you all alone? Why?

- Has come running from work to lunch. And you?

- And I'm Arthur.

And with this, his "Arthur" began the best acquaintance in my 29 years. We chatted for thirty minutes (ten?), I don't remember ... and I lost track of time.

- Arthur was pleased to chat with you, thanks for the adorable roses, but I have to go to work.

- Yes, and I have to go. Call me if it gets lonely?

- "Necessarily" - sounded in my head. I took his card and ran.

In the evening I masturbated to the smell of a business card, but what can I say, I leaned it against my pussy, kissed it, and squeezed it between my breasts.

Arthur brought me back from another planet of loneliness and rare sex with some kind of "ah, merge it" or with "yes, even a small one, but not much hammering" on the planet with his own name. I did not dare to call for a long time. There were many important negotiations in the work, it was necessary to prepare. And I confess I even started to forget about him. A week has passed. And then one evening I came for a massage (I really liked the massage, but my body asked for strong hands, I found such hands and that's the law of meanness, I couldn't even flirt with a masseur - he was gay). I undressed and lay down on the table. Serge smeared oil on my naked body. I closed my eyes and flew away into a fairy tale when I imagined that HE was caressing me. Strokes me on the back, ass, thighs. Massages heels and toes, feet. I went to the shower, came to my senses. And leaving the salon called. Yes Yes Yes. I dialed those damn numbers on his cell phone with a dull and wrinkled business card. You understand why she was out of shape.

- Hello. You haven't called for a long time. Was busy?

- Yes, I told you that I am a businesswoman.

- I remember. Let's see the stars today? Millions of them will fall today.

- August. Yeah, I do not mind.

- Then I'll pick you up at 11:00?

- Okay.

- See you. Kiss.

And it was his "Kiss", this breathing into the tube and his voice drove me crazy. I've been preparing all evening. She showered with lots of oils and face and body masks and more. All in all, it smelled sweet. Spinning at the mirror for a long time. This is not it. She hastily tore two pairs of stockings. Then she showered again and washed off her hair and makeup. As a result, at 10:45 am I was standing on the balcony in black sandals, a short evening dress with a neckline that reveals the chest, and in wet panties. Which I changed for the fourth, but flowed. And the wrong word. And thoughts, what if he doesn't come? Maybe it's all in vain? I changed into stilettos. Call from iPhone:

- Yes?

- I'm at the entrance, come out. But take your time.

- Okay.

I grabbed a denim jacket, tossed cigarettes and an iPhone into my purse, put on fresh panties and an ankle bracelet with a goldfish pendant. I went down to him. He waved at me from a black Porsche convertible. Got out from behind the wheel. I gave those very scarlet roses, only there were more of them and ... a kiss. The cheek burned. I also managed to kiss him. He opened the door for me, I sat down and realized that it was not a car, but a rocket to his planet, and now they will announce "START". We flew around Moscow, played dance hits of the summer. And he periodically looked me in the eyes. Then we drove up to the skyscraper, he took out a bottle of champagne and two glasses from the trunk. We took the elevator to the top floor. It was especially difficult to be in the elevator. We talked about what the ideal vacation should be and where. He talked about Europe, and I about the sea, argued, laughed. Then he took out the key and opened the doors to the roof.

- Are you the keeper of all doors? Does everyone have a key?

“Not from the heart.

- We'll have to guess the password.

- It will be hard. - he decided.

We drank champagne, he wrapped me in a blanket. Great view of Moscow, neon lights.

The stars were almost invisible, but when they fell, we shouted to each other: “Look. Take a look. Weeding. You see, it flew away. ”And it seems that none of us had time to make wishes. Then he offered to warm up and said that he lived in this house.

- Oh, good? Lured into your captivity?

- No, what are you. You talking to me. And I give you my territories.

Entering the apartment, he took off the blanket from me, led me into the kitchen, and put the kettle on. I sat down in a chair (there was not a single chair in the kitchen). His attention fell to my feet.

- Do you often go to the solarium?

- No, sometimes I maintain a naturally dark complexion. My father is Greek.

- Because of your name, do you wear fish on your leg?

- Yes, Marina means the sea.

- So Europe is disappearing. Going to the ocean?

He poured coffee into cups and sat down at the table, talking about his work, about his youth. Then they smoked, but already whiskey. I looked at his T-shirt, how it tensed on his muscles, the nipples stood up, the incredible happened in the lower abdomen. I kept my legs together, squeezing my hips. Sat down on the floor:

- Are your feet tired of shoes?

- I'm tired.

He put down the whiskey glass. He touched my feet, and I, lifting one, gave him to take off his shoe. I squeezed my fingers to flex them, and he ... Oh, God. I kissed my thumb, then each one separately. He licked my pedicure and removed the shoe from the other foot. I breathed heavily but said nothing. He stroked his feet, not even tickling, or I no longer felt it. He dipped one leg into a glass of whiskey and began to lick it. I arbitrarily spread my legs and he looked from my eyes at the crotch:

- It seems that someone was very wet from the massage?

- Highly. From your massage.

He lifted me from the chair and sat me on the table. Kissing, greedy, insatiable. They licked each other, lips were missing. He took off his T-shirt and remained in only jeans. I took off my tight dress and bared my chest, more and more arousing his muscles, abs, and heavy strong hands that had long played with nipples and breasts, stroked his stomach and thighs, slid along his butt, and back. They slipped their fingers into my mouth and I sucked them in. He laid me down on the table and began to take off my panties. Wow. Blimey? They were wet through and through, and the juice from them stretched to pussy and thighs.

- This is the first time I see that it would be so wet. He smiled and dropped his head between his legs. Music played in my stomach. His tongue slid across the labia, drawing different patterns, penetrating the vagina and sucking on the clitoris. The ass also did not go unnoticed. He gently caressed the anus, penetrating into it, and I caressed my chest and moaned. Then he took me in his arms and carried me into the bedroom. The bed is large, soft, I drowned in it, the light from the bar is muffled.

beer ad, you know these neon alcohol logos in bars flickering. He stood in front of me, ripping off his jeans and exposing his phallus. How would you put it correctly? Is this what I dreamed of? I will not say. I don’t know if I dreamed exactly THIS? The hard shaft swung upward from the pressure of the jeans, he was clearly tired. It seemed to me that he even sighed with his only hole, from which, after a moment, fat and juice flowed. Transparent and lightweight. And stretched the sticky mass on the chest and stomach. I took my penis in my hand, lifted it and was stunned. I even said out loud in my opinion: - These are eggs! ... Two large balls in a large bag dangled and squeezed when I touched them. He grabbed the head a little more in the diameter of the penis itself. And she began to lubricate the barrel with grease,

- I haven't seen so much lubricant yet. Is this all because of my massage?

- Yes. Moreover, he held back for a long time from the moment we met.

- Wow. Class.

I was on my knees, my head was already shaking from its massiveness. He stroked my hair, cheeks, which swelled when a member penetrated my mouth. I licked his balls, they rolled so cute in the bag and in my mouth, then I gave in to passion and sank lower, now I lick my crotch, anus, he keeps my head there and it seems he loves my tongue so wildly in his ass. Then another blowjob, lubricant flowed down my throat and caressed him with pleasant salinity and sweetness. She stroked his pumped hips, calves, buttocks with her hands. Then I got down on all fours and bent down on my stomach, removing the spell. He didn't get sentimental and walked in abruptly. I moaned and screamed, something unreal rested against the uterus, a minute later I finished with a strong mass of spray on his penis and stomach, fell convulsively on the bed, and he bent down and continued to hammer my hole.

I have never had such a long and sweet orgasm.

 I skipped time and a few poses just by surrendering to him. I woke up already standing with cancer, on tiptoe, so that it would be more convenient for him to get into my hole. The banging of his groin on my ass must have brought me back to consciousness. The penis is fully penetrated, creating an unrealistic feeling of fullness. The jerking became quick, then they were replaced by rare blows, and now a powerful stream of sperm hit my anus, onto the buttocks, the pussy spread over the thighs and calves, the sperm flowed down the heels and feet to the toes along with my layer of lubricant, which flowed the same way until he didn't use me ... I fell on the bed.

I have never received so many orgasms during vespers.

He was there and, breathing hard, began stroking my ass, smearing cum all over my body. I skipped time and a few poses just by surrendering to him. I woke up already standing with cancer, on tiptoe, so that it would be more convenient for him to get into my hole. The banging of his groin on my ass must have brought me back to consciousness. The penis is fully penetrated, creating an unrealistic feeling of fullness. The jerking became quick, then they were replaced by rare blows, and now a powerful stream of sperm hit my anus, onto the buttocks, the pussy spread over the thighs and calves, the sperm flowed down the heels and feet to the toes along with my legs. a layer of grease that flowed the same way until he used me ...

- Mmmmmm, honey. You are a miracle. Adore you ...

- Are you tired?

- Not. You missed another hole.

- It will hurt.

- I can take it. I want you so bad.

He brought water for himself and for himself. His cock did not lie down, only slightly squeezed his balls,

when they pushed out a sea of ​​sperm. We smoked and laughed. They stroked and kissed each other. He touched my pussy, and I masturbated his penis with my feet, stroked the balls with my fingers and heels. Then he began to lick my anus for a long time, which in turn relaxed the ring on one finger, then on the second. Then the cold lubricant went deep into his ass and his head got hot as he was touched and stroked. My legs were in his hands, and my body was under his control. He sat down on his knees and aimed his phallus at his ass. And my slender long legs looked especially beautiful in his hands, powerfully, strongly and gently stroking both feet, thighs, knees and calves.

- Ah. AAAHXxxx. Miyili. More accurate. I'm ready to endure, but a little softer.

- Okay, honey. Just be patient.

- Yeah ... Ahhh ... Fuck mmm how big ... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaavo all levels, and you're such a strong stallion. Ayyy uuu yes now dolby a little bit, stretch out the ring, I already like it.

And he flew, I was first torn to pieces, then he took his toes in his mouth and sucked them, I was a little distracted by this and it became more convenient for me to contain him in myself. Then he completely let go, felt the clitoris, I screamed with my eyes closed, and he pressed from above.

 It was so vulgar, so delicious and delicious. He looked into my eyes, stroked my chest and kissed my lips, neck, earlobes, buttocks, got used to it, and one day he finished, took out his penis and brought them to my mouth. Sucking gently, I squeezed his buttocks and the second egg with my hands. He again put me cancer and slightly tortured ass hit me with an equally powerful jet in the ass. I was filled with his sweet sperm. And I dreamed that orgasms would not end!

 The happiness of a woman is to be with a strong and reliable man who uses his nights in this way and keeps him awake. Miracle.

We fell asleep sweetly. In the morning I didn't have time to give him a blowjob, as we were late for work. I've been thinking about him all day. I didn't think about it anymore about work and business. SMS messages came from two recipients who knew for sure that they were happy. And they knew for sure that they would soon indulge in new meetings.

So we met for a month. Now I am writing all this to you, my dears, and I think how long it will last? And is there any reason to think about it or just indulge in love and lust? I'll write you the news again. Love each other and fuck.