My wife's sister was a virgin until she moved in with us.

My wife's sister was a virgin until she moved in with us.

My wife's sister was a virgin until she moved in with us.

I do not hope for your understanding, and, frankly, I do not need your disapproval. I just wanted to tell a story from my busy life.

So. I am doing what most of you faint-hearted can only dream of. And that distinguishes you quiet intellectuals from a wolf-like me. So just listen in silence and envy. Also as quiet as possible!

I'm fucking my wife's sister. The moral side of the question does not interest me, and I do not advise touching it, few people say - they live a long time. This is not oriental wisdom - this is my life credo.

Her name is Nastya. Nastya ... Nastya ... They usually call themselves such cute girls in some kind of fucking contact. They also write nice statuses, like: I am hard to find but easy to lose. Or "Do not lose what is worthy for the sake of what is available!" Women ... what do you get from them?

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In fact, everything is prosaic. The older sister lives with her family in a big city, the younger one comes to study at the institute and does not pour her own blood into the hostel. And this little blood starts to flood my eyes. I must say, the girl is pure peach. Short, clear gray eyes, shoulder-length brown hair, all helplessly thin, but with breasts. In short, the mouse is gray, but cute by definition.

And I'm not a eunuch. I am a man in the prime of strength and health. A little "over 30", God did not offend with muscles, but I generally keep quiet about male strength, I have been burning with this matter since early youth. Therefore, it was difficult for me not to notice this virgin in my own apartment. But how to get there? Of course, I could grab her in a dark corner and forcibly take her away, she still has nowhere to go. And I could scare her that I would tell my wife how she herself molested. Women in love are blind and ready to believe everything, just to justify a man in their eyes. But that was pretty boring. And I love it to be interesting! So I was playing for time and thinking.

It didn't take long. One day, in the midst of a working day, I had to go home to get documents. In theory, no one should be at home - the wife and daughter went to the park, and the daughter-in-law is still at the institute. But from the kitchen, I heard the cry of an inconsolable woman and rushed there. Nastya was sobbing on the kitchen couch, her thin shoulders trembling under her thin T-shirt. I automatically noticed that she was not wearing a bra.

- Nastya, what's wrong with you? Who is offended? So I'll figure it out! Hey, everyone, everyone, wipes your eyes!

I grabbed the girl in my arms, simultaneously feeling how the penis is straining from the proximity of a young elastic body. My hands stroked her back soothingly, now and then, crawling beyond the bounds of decency and pawing her ass, hidden from my view by a short denim skirt.

- Uncle Seryozha, all men are goats! I broke up with Andrey! He ... he wanted ...Sex stories

She cried more than ever. I almost sat the girl on my lap and dreamed of only one thing - to lift her skirt and fuck her right on the kitchen table.

- Do not Cry. What happened next?

- Andrey ... we kissed ... and then he ... unbuttoned his fly! I hit him in the face, he called me a fool and left. He probably won't come again ... and I love him ...

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It was my finest hour! If now the girl saw my satisfied smile, she would run away, wherever her eyes looked ...

- Nastenka ... Andrei is a man, and you are now not in your village, but in a big city, completely different customs. He's a prominent guy. So - think - you no longer have a gentleman. In no time, smart girls will get their hands on it. Not as shy as you!

- But what should I do ?? I love him and do not want to lose ... All the girls in the group love him and will only be glad that we parted ... Uncle Seryozha, what should I do? Give advice!

- Okay, Nastya. I am older than you and I know men. I can definitely help you. Are you ready to learn? To please a sophisticated boy like your Andrey, oh, how difficult it is. If you don’t want to put in the effort, then it’s better to give it up right away so that I don’t waste my time on you.

- I'm ready for anything for him! Just tell me!

- Well ... do you understand what Andrey wanted from you? I can see in my eyes that yes. Men are very fond of blow job and appreciate the girls who can offer it. So, having mastered this difficult art, at the institute you will surpass all your beauties. Of course, I could tell you how this is done, or even show a porn film, but you yourself understand, theory without practice is an empty phrase. Therefore, it seems to me that the fastest way to learn is just practice. Are you ready to become my student?

- Yes! What should we do?

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- To begin with, take me not as a person you know, but as a lecturer from the institute. Imagine that I am a strict teacher, and what you and I will be doing in the near future are just lectures. I will guide you, scold you if necessary and praise you if you try. Instead of a diploma, you will receive the eternal love of your Andryusha. But only an agreement - this will be our little secret. Sometimes the success of a business depends precisely on strict secrecy. Got it? Well, watch and listen carefully.

All in anticipation of pleasure, I slowly unbuttoned my fly.

- This is a teaching aid. You need to take it in your hand and reciprocate. Do not rush. He's very sensitive! Imagine holding a popsicle on a stick in your hands and start sucking it. And don't be afraid - I won't tell anyone what you did.

- But ... it's probably bad, right? I probably shouldn't do that ...

- Oh, Nastya. I thought so. When it came to the real thing, you chickened out. Well ... I was trying to help you. And now sit and weep for your broken love - and I have no time, I have to work.

- Not! Uncle Seryozha, I'm sorry! I will do everything as you say!

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She timidly touched the penis and began stroking it without looking at me. A blush flashed across her cheeks.

- Come on, open your mouth and take the head. So ... be careful ... suck ... yes ... don't be afraid - I'll move in your mouth now, don't be afraid, it doesn't hurt or scary!

She closed her eyes and breathed loudly with tension. Her mouth was so warm and wet, I had to restrain myself so as not to start pounding her in full force. I have embarked on the path of corruption, sweet and dangerous. Therefore, only control and endurance! Otherwise, I'll ruin everything.

- That's it, clever girl! You're just great! Lick the head with your tongue ... so ... don't be shy ... now try to take it deeper ... so ... more ... work with your pen! Now put the balls in your mouth ... come on, lick ... oooh ...

She relaxed and began to suck more confidently. I carefully, so as not to scare her, began stroking Nastya's ass. She didn't seem to mind, so I lifted my skirt and exposed my slender thighs in white cotton panties.

- Nastya, you are doing everything right. But at the same time, a man is unlikely to be a pillar, he will most likely touch you. You must be ready for this. So don't be scared now, I'll undress you. All this is needed for our lesson, believe me. Without this experience, you will ruin everything. You’ll start right. Your boy will admire you. But if he wants to please you too, you will slap him again in the face.

I lifted her T-shirt and began to crush her beautiful elastic boobs. She really was without a bra, her nipples were already sticking out - the whole situation clearly excited her. On the one hand, the girl understood that she was crossing a certain line, and on the other, she was pushed by curiosity and a desire to have fun.

- Now let's take a look at your panties. Very cute! Do you mind if I take a closer look at them? Do you trust me? I am your mentor and I will not harm you.

I rubbed her lips through her panties, the fabric was wet through and through ... Oh, how I would like to plant in this virgin slit! But I could not afford such arbitrariness ... Although some little thoughts appeared ...

- Nastenka ... you are already so wet ... are you pleased? Are you touching yourself? Well, don't be shy! All girls do this, it's good to touch yourself. And it's even better when another person does it. For example, your mentor!

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I pulled off the girl's skirt and began to slowly pull off her panties. She no longer resisted - she was too excited for that. Her ass was what she needed - firm and small. Pisya is clean-shaven, she was already oozing with grease, she just beckoned to stick my club into it! And I would have done it for sure - if the elevator doors hadn't rattled at the entrance. Nastya shuddered, rushed about - and then the key in the lock turned! The girl blushed and quickly pulled on her skirt, and I barely shoved the protruding dick into tight jeans. Well ... this is just a little respite!

At night I suffered from insomnia, anticipating the pleasures that I was going to get from this innocent girl. The next day I drove to the institute for her. Nastya was embarrassed and sat quietly in the car. I didn't bother with the conversations I had to give the girl time to get used to me.

- Well, Nastya, shall we continue? Let's just like at the institute, before going through a new topic, let's consolidate yesterday's material.

I unbuttoned my jeans and took them off completely. I wanted her not to be limited to a member, but to caress my whole body. Today the girl was not so constrained and I wanted to go further ...

- Nastya, you are already very good at sucking, a few more weeks of hard training, and you can put up with Andrey. But when you are so good at pleasing him with a blow job, the guy wants to go further. Are you ready? I mean, have sex with him? This is the only way you can keep this guy. I am sure he will not wait long for you to overcome your shyness and can go to another!

- But how should I be? I'm still a virgin and I want to save myself until the wedding ...

- Don't cry, it's fixable. There is one type of sex that men like even more than classic sex. I think you understand what I'm talking about.

- You mean ... in the ass ... but it hurts! The girls said that it was a wild pain and then there would be all sorts of troubles ...

- Nastya, that's why you are lucky that you have such a good mentor like me. Trust me! You will love it, I promise. To begin with, I will develop your anus so that it can receive a member. Do not worry! Come on take off your panties and lie down on the couch. Don't blush. We're doing a great job, it's not a whim, and you shouldn't be ashamed. You undress in the hospital, right? Well, imagine that I am a doctor. And I want to help you with your problem.

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I helped the girl to undress and put her on the sofa. Then he slowly parted her legs and began to stroke them.

- You see. Nothing to be ashamed of, just a routine inspection. You have such a beautiful ass! I'm sure all the guys on the course want you! And you will be grateful to me because with this experience you will be able to get not only your beloved Andreyka, but any man!

I greased my index finger with oil and stroked the pink hole. Oh ... the anticipation that this virgin cave would belong to me was maddening. My finger slowly went in and out, the tight ring of the anus wrapped around me so tightly that the penis was already torn out of my pants. But patience, Sergei ... Patience ...

sped up a little, she didn't mind. And now I am fucking her in the ass with my finger, now with two. Nastya closed her eyes and began to breathe intermittently. She clearly liked what I was doing with her! Wow, so lucky, virgin. Which drags on anal ...

To consolidate the effect, I bent over its current slit and began to lightly run my tongue along with it.

Her teen hole just drove me crazy. Usually, I don't bother with oral sex, but licking this fragrant youthful flesh was very pleasant. Nastya closed her eyes and bit her lip, then could not resist and began to scream softly.

I didn't get lost and plunged my fingers into her ass deeper and deeper, she only pushed her legs more apart and began to sit on my ram herself. Perhaps one could risk sticking something more than fingers into this ass ...


My dick is thick and the head hardly squeezed into a too-narrow gap. The charm passed and the girl began to resist.

- Uncle Seryozha, don't, I changed my mind, please don't, no!

- but Nastenka, we did not go through the most important topic, relax, I will enter slowly and it will not hurt. Hush, hush, my dear, calm down ...

The girl now silently resisted, her flutters were funny to me, and I would have achieved my goal if not for the phone call. While I was distracted, the girl ran to her room and closed herself. Well ... won't she sit there forever? Little bitch! Unsatiated excitement made me aggressive. I was determined.

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Nastia spent the whole evening in her room. She wove something to her sister about a headache, refused dinner, and turned off the light. I hid like a hunter in ambush. We also got ready to sleep, I listened to my wife's sleepy breathing in the dark, and finally, my expectation was rewarded - my baby opened her room and crept towards the toilet. Silently, so as not to disturb my spouse, I crept into Nastya's room and hid near the door.

She soon appeared, bumping into furniture out of habit, and fell straight into my arms. In order not to disturb the whole house, I clamped her mouth tightly and pushed her onto the bed.

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- Well, do not shout, consider that I left you after school for poor academic performance. And you will have to try very hard to make me happy. So you better relax. I'll fuck you in the ass anyway, understand me? But if you relax, maybe you will enjoy it!

Her helplessness turned me on so much that my cock just jumped out of my panties. She was lying on her stomach, and I pressed her on top tightly to the bed, not to escape.

Without any tenderness, I began to insert the head into the warm ass, the girl no longer twitched, apparently, she was paralyzed with horror. It's her own fault - I was going to introduce her into the world of anal in a long and pleasant way. But since she didn’t want it in an amicable way ...

Taking advantage of her immobility, I pulled off the girl's short shirt, in which she slept, and began to roughly knead the strained nipples.

Nastya burst into tears. I once read an article, they say, women's tears have some amazing property to tame men's anger. Fuck that there! Her weakness only inflamed me even more. And by that moment I had fucked her hole so much that I could stick my dick up to the balls so that even the end of the world could not stop me at such a moment. The pleasure was so sharp that I stuck it again and again ... Tomorrow the poor thing will curse me for her worn-out ass. Well, nothing, I'll give her a magic cream ...