Party with friends

Party with friends

     My name is Lena. Tall 19-year-old brunette. I have never been complex about my appearance: size 3 chest, toned ass. Only there was a hole in the relationship: all my boyfriends ran away after they got what they wanted: sex. At first, I was worried, but then I decided that it would be too long to wait for the perfect man and I could take a break. I wanted to experience all the delights of group sex. A plan ripened in my head.

Today is my best friend Andrey's birthday. There will be mainly a male company.

"Successful." I wore a tight translucent blouse and a mini skirt. When I entered the apartment where the holiday was taking place, all eyes were riveted on me. I deliberately annoyed the guys: bending over slightly as if lifting the fallen things. At this time, they could see the edge of my stockings and lace panties. After 20 minutes, 2 guys were already on the verge. I looked at them, smiled, and went into the room. They follow. As soon as the door closed behind them, all my clothes were immediately stripped off. I knelt down and began to unbutton the first guy's fly, while his friend got rid of the excess clothes. I took a member of one in my mouth, while the other member has already rested between my legs. I deeply swallowed my cock, accelerating by the minute. I got incredible buzz. That feeling when you have two members at once, men own you completely, and you do whatever they ask. Soon I received a stream of cum in my mouth and back.

At this time, two more entered the room. The following picture appeared before them: the girl is covered in sperm, which is visible on the lips, back, and ass. I got up, went up to them, and asked if they wanted to have some fun. Two minutes later, another member was swinging in front of my face. I began to walk my tongue along its entire length, slightly touching the head. The guy started to moan. At this time, 2 members immediately penetrated into me from behind. I bowed in my back and breathed heavily. It hurt, but damn good! I took my cock in my mouth and began to work vigorously with my lips and tongue. Soon 3 jets hit me at once: in the mouth, on the back, and in the ass. There was so much of it that I choked and half leaked onto my chest. I blinked my eyes contentedly. However, I wanted more and more. Soon I had three more. The first one roughly shoved his penis into my mouth and began to mercilessly fuck me, holding me by the hair. The other two were already posting me from behind. I started to have vomiting spasms, but it did not stop them.

- You yourself wanted it harder, bitch. Now be patient.

The member began to penetrate my throat and soon I received a new portion of sperm. The guys fell wearily on the sofa. Suddenly they lifted me up and put me with cancer.

“It's not over yet, slut. This is just the beginning - I was already pretty exhausted, but the guys didn't care.

The first one started sticking in my ass while the second one shoved my panties into my mouth. They tied my hands tightly.

- Now you are our toy.

All the guys at the party decided to fuck me around. I was just looking forward to the end. The whole body ached. “Well, I asked for it myself. Now be patient. " I don't remember exactly how long it went on. Finally, they untied me and allowed me to get dressed. As I was leaving, one of the guys slapped my ass and said:

- I'll see you again, bitch.

I came home after midnight. I will never forget this adventure. I would also like to try lesbian sex, but this is already later ...