Remember that you promised me two orgasms.

Remember that you promised me two orgasms.

It was a warm May day and, as usual, I was going to school in the morning. This day was no different from yesterday or the day before yesterday. But everything changed when I saw her.

We ran into her in the corridor of our university on the third floor. This fleeting meeting remained in my memory for many years. On that day, she was in a summer light dress, with each step it lifted up a little, revealing a view of her lovely knees. She was slender and beautiful, long beautiful legs in small slippers with fasteners seemed to flutter above the ground.

Charming facial features, small scarlet lips and a small nose, and of course mesmerizing green eyes. In those eyes, a confident wild cat was visible. Yes, I would have tamed this one - I thought at that moment. Finishing off her look was long pink hair.

To be honest, I didn’t believe in love at first sight before, but when I saw it, it was worth thinking about. If I stood all these couples of seconds while she passed by and looked at her, then she flew by without even looking at me.

I think I fell in love, and so the next couple of days I tried to figure out how we could strike up a conversation and how I could charm this girl.

You may ask, they say, why just didn't fit? I will briefly describe myself and then I think you will understand.

Average height, about 175 cm, slender, light brown hair, blue eyes, face, as they say to me, a little feminine.

Sounds good. Yes, in fact, it is, I am very pretty. The problem is my character. Since childhood, I have been very shy and modest, I never got involved in fights or some sort of showdown, because I was simply afraid of them. I always tried to keep aloof, at school I practically had no friends, and at the university, they did not increase. Therefore, talking to a beautiful girl was a very difficult task for me, which required moral preparation.

Nevertheless, I did it, and after catching her after school, I decided to get to know her. It was a very awkward conversation, I was nervous and embarrassed trying to say something. On the contrary, she held herself firmly, decisively. Although I saw her smile on her face when I looked up at her. Much to my surprise, she listened to my uncertain speech and said do you want to walk together? At that moment I was happier than anyone in the world. As I found out a little later, she always liked modest, not decisive boys, whom she could control and manipulate.

Looking ahead, I will say that she is very good at it.

• • •

So, after that walk, we began to meet with her often and spent a lot of time together. Honestly, from the very beginning of our acquaintance, Nastya (by the way, this is my girlfriend's name), showed leadership qualities. She decided where we would go for a walk, where we would have dinner, and practically everything. And to be honest, I even liked it, I felt my support is Nastya.

And so, starting with an ordinary friendship, our relationship, in a couple of weeks, grew into something more.


always, she took the first step and kissed me herself. And then she looked into my eyes and said.

- Zhen, I really like you, you are very sweet, caring, and you do everything that I say. So now you and I are a couple. I love you. - and she kissed me again.

She didn’t ask if I wanted (although I really wanted to), she just presented me with a fact, so she didn’t expect an answer from me.

It was a completely normal relationship, apart from the fact that she was the main one in them. But that was fine with me. About a week after we started dating (as a couple), we had our first sex. It was wonderful, and I'll tell you a secret, it was my first sexual intercourse in my life.

As in everyday life, so in sex, she took a leading role. It was she who pounced on me and began to undress while kissing passionately. Since I didn't have much experience in this (and to be precise, none), I just followed her commands.

- Take off my shirt and iron my back.

- Yes. Like this. Okay. Now unbutton your bra. - not for a long time looking up from the kiss, she said.

- Now kiss my neck, and gradually, without stopping your kisses, go down below.

- Mmm ... yeah. Bite the papilla a little and then circle it with your tongue. - she clearly brought to understand what she wants. And I followed her instructions.

- Below, come down below.

- Unbutton your jeans and help me get out of them.

- Now kiss me downstairs, right through my panties.

- Yes Yes. Like this. She grabbed my head, pressing it against her crotch.

- Get them off! Take them off me. I want to feel your tongue. - when the panties flew into the far corner and my tongue ineptly earned in her pussy, she let out a sweet moan of pleasure.

- Ah ... faster. - and I began to move it in different directions. Trying to give her more pleasure.

After a few minutes, my tongue works, and her sweet moans, she could not stand it. Pulling my head away from her crotch, she knelt down next to me. And she looked into my eyes.

- I want you! - followed by a passionate kiss. And while we were kissing she unbuttoned my jeans and pulled them down to her knees.

- Lay on the bed. - she whispered in my ear, and I immediately fell on my back, on the bed.

She pulled off my jeans to the end, I was not wearing a T-shirt. And the only thing that remained on me was my underpants. Grasping them, she abruptly tore them off me and threw them away.

My small penis (12-13 cm) has long been a stake. Seeing him, she said nothing. But there was a noticeable slight disappointment on her face.

Nevertheless, she was very excited, so she jumped on top of me, and with her hand helped to insert a member into herself. He completely slipped into her in a second, and she immediately began to jump madly on him, lowering her arms on my chest, and scratching it. Sometimes her fingers stopped on my nipples, and twisted them slightly, forcing me to emit a quiet squeak. She rode me probably no more than three minutes when I realized that I was already close to orgasm. And if she doesn't slow down now, then I will cum right inside her.

- Nastya, slow down, I can't take it anymore. I'm about to finish.

- What. Are you serious? But I just got a taste. - she stopped, remained sitting on my penis, and looked at me.

- Sorry. It's just ... this is my first time. But I can still lick you. So that you finish too.

- Okay. But then you owe me two orgasms. - smiled Nastya, and again jumped on my penis.

- I'm finishing! I shouted. And she jumped off me, immediately moving forward. And sat on my face.

My face was bathed in heat from her vagina, and the juices immediately poured into my mouth. I felt like sperm sprinkled from my penis, breed on my stomach and chest.

As soon as my orgasm was over, I wrapped my arms around her thigh and eagerly began to suck her juices, running my tongue as deep as possible.

After a couple of minutes, Nastya shook and squeezed her hips tightly, she moaned loudly. And I felt a huge amount of her secretions pour into my mouth. After a couple of seconds, she relaxed her hips and put her hands on the back of the bed, trying to catch her breath. She did not get off my face, and I still, but more gently, stroked her tongue in the crotch.

- Huh ... that was lovely cute. But you remember that you promised me two orgasms. So go ahead. I'm ready for the second. - she looked down at me and smiled tenderly.

Her smile always disarmed me and made me obey. This time was no exception. I worked again with my tongue.

This time it took much longer to bring her to orgasm, and when after 10 minutes, my jaw began to grow numb, and my tongue was already pretty tired and ache. I slowed down.

- Don't you dare to slow down !!! She screamed, already approaching orgasm. Her voice at that moment was not as soft and kind as usual, rather rough and persistent. Therefore, overcoming pain and fatigue, I continued my work. And finally, after a couple of minutes, she shook again and finished. Nastya almost immediately fell off me and lay down beside me, stroking my body.

- It was lovely cute. Your tongue is incredible. - such an act of tenderness was not typical for a girl I know. Therefore, I was slightly surprised, but I was very happy and pleased that I was able to give her so much pleasure (albeit not a member).