Sergei was no longer embarrassed that his friend was gay.

I will tell you one very interesting story from my life. After another birthday, I moved to another district of Donetsk, Ukraine. Since I had no friends there, from time to time I went to see my old friends. But gradually I started to get to know the guys who live nearby. After a while, I knew everyone around me.

Then I was a normal guy, without any problems or deviations. I got to know the personality and inner world of each of my new acquaintances. Most of the guys were straight, with cruel, criminal inclinations. As I grew up a well-bred teenager, communication with them soon came to naught.

One guy, Sergey, caught my attention, who also stood out among the others with his calmness and restraint. He was, however, a little younger than me, but this did not give me a reason not to communicate with him. From time to time I continued to hang out in this company, directing my attention to him: I was then driven by purely friendly feelings. And just in this crowd he was humiliated in life and was not allowed to have his own opinion. Sergei saw the same hatred in all these guys, and even in stories

I began to place more emphasis on communicating with him. My goal was to gain his trust. From that moment on, I began to notice that he had a beautiful appearance. He was short, brown-haired with pronounced blue eyes. And from that moment I began to consider him my ideal. However, then I was still young and did not understand that a major upheaval had taken place in my life. From that moment on, I devoted more and more time to him. But then it was friendship. We walked together, went on all kinds of hikes, several times went to Crimea to visit my relatives to rest. In general, we slowly moved away from this difficult campaign of "tough guys". Because of this, there were a lot of fights, since I took the scapegoat from them.

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“Fuck you need him,” they said, trying in every possible way to return the situation to its former course.

But Sergei realized that there is a person you can rely on. Yes, it was very difficult to win his trust for me: it took two years. All this time he thought that I could screw him up at any moment. I did my best to prove the opposite to him. But still, I got a return on my efforts. During this time, I managed to get used to it as a friend.

When we parted, someone left somewhere, for me it was painful. Over time, I began to understand that I could not live without him! I like him, probably it's love. Stop! It's not normal to love a guy, and that's why this thought flew out of my head. But that was not the case, the feelings turned out to be stronger than me. The more I saw him, the more I wanted him, but I was afraid to tell him. And so far enjoyed his friendship. Sitting at home, I myself began to realize that I am gay! I made every attempt to change my temper, but all my attempts stopped when I saw him! I resigned myself to my orientation, not understanding how to live on.

Several years passed, we were inseparable, and in some places I was preparing to tell him about my feelings, but I did not know how to do it, but I had hope. Then I was well versed in people, they considered me a good friend, but he never once told me about any girl. And I lived with this hope. Once I broke down and told him everything that I was gay and I really like him. He was shocked! But he was not going to run away quickly. Most likely, he thought about it for a very long time at night. The next day he came to me and said:

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- You know, you are my best friend! But understand, I'm straight, and I need to get used to what is happening to you a little.

I am grateful to him that he still did not want to lose his friendship with me. Then everything happened as if this conversation had not happened. He was not afraid of me, he stayed with me many times when we went to Crimea and slept on the same bed. Of course, I tried to hide my desire for intimacy with him. But one day, staying with me once again, he started a conversation about how it is. He began to wonder if I had sex with a guy, what feelings are manifested at the same time. Honestly, he had nothing to say to me, since I hadn't had any sex yet. Seeing that I had little to say to him, he asked:

- Do you still want me?

Naturally, my answer was yes. Sergei pressed close to me and began to kiss me on the sly - for me it was a shock, but knowing that there would be no such second chance, I just kept silent and did not interfere with him.

After exchanging a dozen kisses, I began kissing him passionately. This went on for more than half an hour, then I slowly moved to his body, starting with the nipples and ending with a path between the squares of his abs. In my gut, I felt desire growing in Sergei's swimming trunks and gradually gaining strength. Finally, having taken off his underwear, I saw a miracle - a 19-centimeter penis. Sergey asked:

- Can you do it?

I nodded my head, and I myself began to remember the porn films that I had watched once, touched the base of my penis with my tongue, and began to run smoothly over it. From base to head - and back. His cock twitched slightly as my tongue finished its way. Then I put the head in my mouth and, sucking it slightly, moved the skin back and forth. At first, the movements were slow, but after a minute I began to move faster and faster. Twenty seconds passed - and he lowered. There was a lot of sperm because it was his first time!

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Sergey's cock was still jumping with pleasure, and I offered him to suck some more. After a couple of minutes, he pulled it down again, and his cock began to go limp and fall off. Then he said:

- Now it's my turn. As you, of course, do not know how, but I will try another.

He took off my swimming trunks, from which a long-standing member had jumped out, and began to drive along his string with his big toe. Almost brought me to ecstasy, Sergei placed my penis between his big toes and other toes, and I began to move. Several minutes passed, and I finished on his leg. Continuing this lesson, we finished two more times and calmed down on this. There was no limit to my happiness. For me, this day was the best in my life.

So we made love almost every day. After two months, he decided to try to enter me, first using strong condoms and lubricant, then the condoms became thinner, and finally, it came to the point that we did not use them at all. There was no danger in this: I was sure of him, and then I myself worked at a confectionery factory, and I had to undergo a general medical examination every six months. So I didn't think about anything bad and didn't worry about

Time passed, I was already over 20, he was a little less, we became one whole, which was difficult to break.

Despite his age, Sergei remained a short, thin guy, and I kept thinking: he eats so much, where does it all go for him. It turned out to be at the root: its dignity already reached 20.5 cm in length - a real unit of a real lover. The veins on it were so abundantly expressed that they constantly drove me crazy, the head was small and freely fit into the mouth, and the base was so thick that when I tried to take it to its full length, I could not wrap my lips around it. And I was also turned on by the skin, which could hide the whole head with a full boner. Honestly, this was my favorite toy.

And most importantly, we have always wanted each other. However, most of all in sex we were turned on by surprise. We could take each other on the beach at night, at sea, and - as it was - in the forest.

Sergei was no longer embarrassed that his friend was gay.

Once I invited him to help me at the dacha - even there. Naturally, we hid our feelings from the outside world, and we didn't need it.

Time passed, but then our happiness was cut short: Sergei was summoned to the military registration and enlistment office. Despite his feelings, my friend was a real man, his character confirmed this. He could stuff the face of the offender without talking, he was engaged in cycling - in general, he behaved like an ordinary guy. He told me many times that he wants to serve in the army. I dissuaded him because I myself did not serve, but he stood his ground. I thought that everything would be okay and he would not be taken because of his physique, but as evil, there was a shortage in the unit, and at that time I was on a business trip in stories

When I arrived home, I went to Sergei, his father opened to me and said that he had been taken away yesterday, he himself did not want to see him off, apparently because I was not there. His father said that a letter had been left for me, and I began to read it. There were apologies for not listening to me, Sergei said that this was his path, his future, that he wanted to see me on the oath and would write where to go to him.

After that I got depressed. I didn't even eat anything. On the third day, I began to come to my senses, and the darkest streak in my life began. I knew that I missed him, but I lived in the hope of his early return. Soon his mother brought a letter with the address of the unit, where he invited everyone to take the oath to him. I looked at the address. Stop! The city ... but this is the city where my aunt lives in Crimea. Lucky! I began to negotiate with his parents about the trip. They willingly agreed to go to Crimea, especially since they had not been there for a long time. I called my aunt, explained the situation, she understood me and agreed to our visit, especially since she knew Sergei well.

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So the day came when we boarded the train. We drove for about 11 hours until we got to our destination. First, we went to see my aunt, and then to his unit. There were many parents who had arrived, and a march was organized for them by the forces of the new arrivals. As they marched, I saw him in uniform - my heart was pounding harder. They were allowed to get out of line and approach their parents. He approached us, his happiness to see us knew no bounds. He said that tomorrow he will be sworn in, and then he will be released for a day on dismissal. Then the commander called them back to the ranks, and they left. The oath went off with a bang, after which he was released. We went to my aunt and fed him because it is not known how they are fed this way (although he said that they give me both meat and chocolate, I didn’t really believe in it). Then we went to bed, albeit all together in one room. Naturally, we had nothing that night.

The next day his relatives hit the sea. And we were left alone and talked about everything for a long time. He said that his feelings for me remained the same and that everything was fine, he even joked:

- Will you be faithful to me, will you wait? - and laughed.

Since there were no parents, we had sex. Even several times, and he finished six or seven

- All right, now you can safely go into battle, - he even said.

So the day passed. Then we left Crimea. I left him a SIM card on his cell phone so that he would call if the case turns up. At first, he called a little, but for me, these minutes were a gap in the dark. Then often, and at the end almost every day. Of course, they didn't talk about the service - why? But our communication did not stop despite the distance. Then I went to Crimea five more times. I saw him, and of course, we made love. He came on vacation for 22 days. We also spent these days together. So the time, more or less, did not go very badly.

During these one and a half years I began to swing, completely surrendered myself to creativity, wrote DJ themes, in general, whiled away the time, sometimes at the telephone request of Sergei sent him money, perfectly understanding the hardships of the service.

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Finally, the day came when he called me and told me to meet him at the station: everything is demobilization. I was waiting for him, waiting for the train, and here it is this train. In the crowd of passengers, I recognized him by his uniform. We met, hugged, and he told me:

- You see, time flew by quickly.

Then I took him home by car. After working in a factory and getting a higher education at the university, I became a chief technologist, and, of course, besides the salary, there were various left-wing earnings. And I could afford a small car, so I bought a Toyota Yaris. Sergei, of course, was surprised at my purchase and asked why I hadn’t talked about it. I made a surprise for him. I took him home, where his parents were waiting for us. We sat with them - and let's go for a drive. They talked a lot about everything. We returned late in the evening, he really wanted to sleep, very tired, I understood: to go on the train, then arrange skating with me, who won’t get

The next day he came to me, we watched new films on the computer, I hinted at sex. He asked me to give him two weeks to recover: it was just that he was given some boron-based rubbish in the army, so there was no riser at all. I read a lot about this nasty thing, I know that the Americans in the army canceled it long ago, after which gays appeared among the soldiers. I began to ask Seryozhka about his plans for the future. He said that he would get a job, and then it would be seen.

As time went on, we began to make love. I was amazed by his slightly pumped body, and it excited me even more. The first time we had sex, he finished 11 times, one might say - unloaded. I asked him - you have a gay friend in the army - he told me that only straight people were with him and he should wear the same mask. And the first weeks, when he left the pine forest, we just did not get out of bed.

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Then he started looking for a job. I got a job as a security guard in one firm, guarded a construction site. Everything was going well, until one day he came and said that he wanted to start a relationship with a girl. I took it with sadness. But he reassured me, saying that it could not continue like this, it is necessary, according to the laws of this world, to marry, have children, and all that. In principle, he is right: you cannot change the world for yourself. Sadly, we stopped having sex. He found himself a girlfriend, she worked in his security firm as an economist, but I saw how hard it was for him to change from me to her.

He came to me several times with a request to have sex, but I stopped him and said that if this happens now, then he will not succeed with her. He understood this, but his nerves were at the limit. Then I realized ... I ruined it! If he didn’t know me, he would probably be fine in life. But what is what is.

All this continued until one day during a walk he asked for sex. Naturally, there was a refusal on my part, and then it broke through: he began to tell me that I did not love him, that I used him for fucking and nothing more. Then he hit me with his fists and began to beat with all his might, I tried to calm him down with words, but I realized that it was useless. I didn't resist until I felt my blood flow from my mouth. From that moment on, I began to resist, and everything turned into a concrete fight.

When I pulled myself together, I saw that he was lying motionless on the ground and said that I must have broken his leg and jaw.

"What have I done!" - a thought flashed in my head.

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I pulled out my broken cell phone, called the ambulance, but it took a very long time. I dragged him to my home, took the car, and took him to the ambulance, where he was injected with a sedative and taken to the emergency room. There, the doctors said that everything was fine with the leg, but with the jaw, it was much worse since it was necessary to put records: if only a little bit, and it would burst. I spent a lot of money on his treatment, and for good reason: he refused to write a statement to the police about the fight, although I didn't care, I knew I was to blame - I didn't have to give vent to my fists. His parents knew that we had a fight and did not speak to me. True, I myself walked away from this fight too hard: and he kissed my face well. A month passed, he was discharged from the hospital, I was taking him home, all this time I apologized to him and suggested that not to complicate each other's lives, to scatter in different directions. He agreed with me, and near the house, getting out of the car, said:

- Sorry, I didn't want that. You are my friend in any case, but now circumstances play against us, our time has passed, a new life begins, but I will remember you, goodbye.

This turned our common page of life.

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A year passed, he lived with his Tanya. I am grateful to this girl for the fact that when he revealed his past to her, she understood him and did everything possible to keep him within the bounds of being straight and not remember me. Of course, after three dozen people I could not help but find out how he is there, whether everything is fine with him. And when I was convinced that everything was fine, I began to slowly forget him, until another person appeared in my life.

Kolya appeared in my life by accident. I knew his older brother, and I began to communicate with him when I was still a jock. He began to appear at my house. We talked a lot with him. I could not open up to him, because the past was in my soul. But he got ahead of me. After examining me to the end, he announced after 3 weeks that he was gay. Of course, I could not answer him anything, because my life had already dried up, but Kolya studied at the Faculty of Psychology, and he fished this story out of me.

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In general, I am grateful to him that he put me back on my feet. Of course, he wanted to recoil, but there was no recoil, and I began to remember how I tried to gain confidence in Seryozha. Finally, Kolya and I began an affair. But still, I did not love him - it all started when we slept together. I began to feel something and gradually forgot Seryoga.


Another year passed, I completely agreed with Kolya, and he constantly introduced innovations to lovemaking. And each time new and more sophisticated ways. Why sophisticated? Well, excuse me, when he gently presses on different points on his back with the edge of his index finger, waits for my penis not to just get up, but specifically to jump out and then by suction, chasing the skin, he brings me to the point that in 25 seconds Salt to him everything that I have in patronage - to be honest, this is generally ...

He convinced me that the peak of orgasm occurs in men, not with specific bodily contact when the penis is already hot, but when, after long foreplay, you start to abruptly suck the penis of your beloved, then the peak is reached. I don’t know if he’s right about all these little things. I do not know! But the most striking sex of this kind was this: we undressed, he kissed me all over, but I did not touch him. When my penis was not just jumping with might and main, but flew out, shouting: "Come on!" - he did not touch him. Then he lightly touched my head with his tongue and walked away without doing anything for two minutes, then he touched it lightly again, but now he put it deeper into his mouth and moved away without doing anything. I started to feel a rush of sperm in my penis, he said:

- Here you go!

I opyat' cherez 2 minuty nezhno prikosnulsya - ya uzhe ne mog, ya dumal, chto seychas konchu. - Spuskay seychas, - naklonyayas' ko mne, skazal on potom, i vzyal moy chlen kak mozhno glubzhe, tol'ko dva raza dernuv shkurku. Menya kinulo v sil'nuyu drozh'. YA yemu spustil togda tak mnogo, chto yeshcho minut pyat' potom otlezhivalsya ot shoka. YA vremya ot vremeni schital Kolyu angelom, kotoryy vovremya spustilsya s nebes, chtob spasti moyu dushu. Da i yego povedeniye mnogo o chom govorilo. Vyrazheniye yego litsa slovno govorilo vsem vokrug o yego dobrote. Yesli by ya yego dazhe ne znal, to, vstretivshis' sluchayno na ulitse, srazu razglyadel by eti cherty. Tem boleye chto Kolya byl ochen' khoroshim psikhologom. On uchitsya na 4 kurse universiteta i po spetspredmetam - s psikhologicheskim uklonom - imeyet otlichnyye otsenki. Idet na krasnyy diplom. Khorosho, kogda chelovek chego-to dobivayetsya. YA rad za nego. A yeshche Kolya imeyet svoystvo magnita, lyudi k nemu tak i tyanutsya, chto govorit' o predstavitel'nitsakh zhenskogo pola! No on dlya nikh byl vsego lish' drugom, potomu chto prekrasno ponimal, chto u nego yest' ya. YA blagodaren sud'be, chto yego voobshche vstretil. Teper', spustya kakoye-to vremya, ya mogu skazat', chto Kolya - nastoyashchiy angel! Vso by shlo nichego, no ya inogda uznaval novosti o Serezhke. Chto-to ne ochen' skladyvalos' u nego s Taney. Da i lyudi pogovarivali, chto u nego so zdorov'yem chto-to plokho. Mne na eto bylo naplevat', ya zhil odnim Koley. No s kazhdym dnom razgovory o Seroge stanovilis' vso yarche i yarche. I vot neozhidanno Serega priyekhal ko mne iz drugogo rayona. Poprosil yego vyslushat'. On nachal rasskazyvat', chto k Tane bol'she ne vernetsya, tak kak nedavno zanemog i obratilsya v bol'nitsu. Vrachi pri skanirovanii nashli bol'shuyu opukhol' golovnogo mozga, i poetomu oni rasstalis'. Serezhka nachal prosit' vernut' vso nazad, yemu prosto ne k komu bylo idti za podderzhkoy. YA ne mog nichego yemu otvetit': ya poteryal interes k nemu. YA rasskazal pro Kolyu, ob"yasnil, chto on dlya menya sdelal. No on prosil nayti yemu mestechko v moyem serdtse. YA skazal, chto mne nado podumat' do zavtra. Lezha noch'yu, ya mnogo dumal, menya poseshchali plokhiye mysli o nem, ya gotov byl khot' seychas pozvonit' yemu i skazat' "net"! Stop! Moy kogda-to lyubimyy chelovek sdelal oshibku v zhizni i seychas pogibayet, kakaya ya vso-taki svin'ya i skotina. YA vzyal telefon i nachal zvonit' Seroge. Golos u nego byl neobychnym, kazhetsya, on pustilsya v plach. YA yemu skazal, chto on vpolne mozhet na menya rasschityvat'. On migom prinossya ko mne. Vse by nichego, no teper' mne predstoyal razgovor s Koley. Kolya okazalsya deystvitel'no angelom, on dazhe bez stradaniy, so svoim obychnym schastlivym litsom skazal mne, chto rad, chto tak vso obrazovalos', tol'ko poprosil razresheniya khot' inogda menya naveshchat'. YA, konechno, soglasilsya, preduprediv ob etom Sergeya, kotoryy, yestestvenno, nastorozhilsya, no ya yego uspokoil, poobeshchav, chto nichego uzhe ne budet. Zatem my nachali lechit' nashego geroya-lyubovnika. Pravda, ne sovsem vso khorosho vykhodit, no uluchsheniya yest'. Operatsiy yemu ne delali, tol'ko rassosali etu gadost', i teper' nuzhno vremya, chtoby opukhol' polnost'yu ischezla. Kolya stal angelom-khranitelem dlya nas oboikh. On nachal chut' li ne kazhdyy den' k nam zakhodit'. Khoteli odin raz poprobovat' seks vtroyem, no Kolya otkazalsya. On govoril, chto postel' - eto delo dvoikh lyubyashchikh, a ne neskol'kikh. Pravda, prikhodilos' mne s Koley tozhe byvat' v posteli, Serega prinimal eto normal'no, no, konechno, skripya zubami. Ne mogu ya otkazat' ni odnomu, ni drugomu. Vot takaya istoriya, druz'ya. Beregite svoyu lyubov' ot nachala i do kontsa! Zhelayu vsem uspekha v zhizni!gay