She loved wearing her tightest latex dress...

She loved wearing her tightest latex dress

How could this happen? - thought Olga to herself, standing in the corridor of her house, desperately trying to figure out what she can do.

The day began like everyone else. Olga got up and had breakfast, looking at a large blank canvas - her future work. She sat there pondering the details of the painting and smiled as the image in her head made her pussy get wet. She passionately wanted to live like the women in the pictures she painted.

Olga created fetish paintings. Some of them were custom-made, others, the best, were those that she invented herself. All of her paintings were in great demand.

In its past life, the building was a warehouse, but now, below it, there was a small bakery, and above it Olga's studio. The rest of the space of the former warehouse was empty and dusty, Olga used for her entertainment. For the past year and a half, after breaking up with her partner, she has practiced self-bondage and self-gratification, excelling in both directions. Olga wandered for hours on the upper floors of the warehouse, bound and blindfolded, which made it difficult to find the door to her attic.

Her courage increased during bondage, and now she enjoyed wearing her tightest latex dress over her old belts and stiff bras. She tied her knees together under her dress before tightening the harness straps on her head that drove a large red ball into her mouth. Before throwing her hands behind her back, she pulled on a blindfold, tightly blocking all the light, then fastened the handcuffs and wandered in high heels in search of the door to her apartment.

Olga finished breakfast, sighed, and went into the living room to dress in one of her latex suits. She went to the closet and searched her latex and leather clothes, trying to decide what she wanted to wear. Finally, she opted for a glossy black latex catsuit with gloves and an extremely narrow long sash with solid tapered breast cups.

There were only two holes on the top of the jumpsuit and these were for her nipples to push them out. They worked great with the bra, as her lush breasts ate fit into it, and her nipples pressed hard against the ends of the cups. Olga sewed into the cup small pads with sharp metal spikes that could pierce her nipples, so after an hour or two, the bra became very uncomfortable.

Today Olga felt very horny, and this is what usually gave her trouble, but at the same time made her paintings so unique. Therefore, she never struggled with "creative" urges, no matter how uncomfortable she felt during the session.

Latex catsuit, tight belt, and bra tightly squeezed her belly and chest. Olga fastened a pair of ten-centimeter heel shoes to her feet, making sure that the very wide cuff of the shoe was tightly buttoned and fixed. Olga, over a latex catsuit, pulled on a leather dress and zipped up to the top of the collar. Then she zipped her wrists and zipped the wide steel cuffs around them. The four-inch steel collar was next, and she slammed it shut, essentially locking herself in 


Olga felt that she was ready to go, so, swaying, she walked to the canvas, carrying a gag with belts and several small chains with locks hanging from them, in case her "creativity" requires more equipment from her. The chunk of ice in her freezer will melt for hours after she pulls it out, which she will do when she gets tired of steel shackles or latex. Olga only recently started playing with fixation vibrators in her pussy and ass, adding them to her everyday clothes, but today she was "punishing" herself, so she removed all stimulation methods until she came out of latex.

Olga worked all night, wriggling around the studio, while her fluids accumulated under the latex. She enjoyed this and the slight numbness the rubber gloves gave her. At about three in the morning, Olga took a break to study what she had been creating for the past ten hours. Smiling at her work, she finished her glass of water, then bent down and clasped her ankles with one of the short chains she was carrying.

Tugging at the chains, smiling, she thought they weren't really needed because the tight leather dress still kept her legs close to each other, but she liked the thought of further restricting her freedom.

Before returning to her painting, Olga could not resist the desire to put on a gag. She pulled the straps under her long red hair until a large red ball covered her mouth. Further from I decided to clasp my wrists. She quickly clamped the remaining chain between her wrists, holding them fifteen centimeters apart. Olga knew from past experience that drawing with her wrists tied was very difficult, but she also knew that the more she struggled, the more inspiration came to her.

Olga painted until sunrise and almost finished her painting. Her jaw began to ache and her feet began to throb, but she knew that both would soon disappear. The pain in her nipples made her walk slowly to the freezer, pull out a large block of ice and toss it into a large bucket. Each breath made her nipples burn with the pain caused by the pins in the cups, bringing incomparable pleasure.

Olga looked at the loops of the chain frozen in a large block of ice, knowing that she still had many hours left before she could remove anything from what she had locked herself in. Olga was exhausted; she made it to her bedroom with difficulty and quickly lay down. Falling asleep, she thought about how she would like that before today's session she still inserted a vibrator and clasped her hands behind her back. Olga slept in latex and leather, until late the next day, she had wonderful dreams that she was lost in a warehouse. Her nipples burned with pain and her pussy and ass vibrated relentlessly as she struggled to find the right door on 

freedom, but at the same time, desperately dreamed of orgasm.

She woke up with nipple pain getting worse. The pain in her legs and jaw eased considerably, but her nipples made her moan loudly as she tried to get to her feet. Olga whimpered, bent over to get up, and began the long drive to the freezer, hoping she had slept long enough for the ice to melt.

Reaching the freezer, she saw that the chain had been freed from the ice, and her key was in a large bucket, now filled with water. Olga fished the keys out of the bucket and wriggled toward the kitchen, unlocking her wrists along the way. Sitting down, she unbuckled the straps and pulled a large ball out of her mouth. Smiling, she remembered how she dreamed of wearing it in public, and how much attention it could attract 

She unbuttoned the handcuffs and collar and laid them on the table before eating a little food and drinking a few glasses of water. Then she unbuttoned her leather dress and twisted out of it. Olga rubbed her bullet breasts, whining as they began to throb again.

Olga rubbed her latex skin, moving the liquid trapped in the latex, smiling at the tickling sensation it caused. She removed the thin chain between her ankles and pulled the spandex leggings neatly over her legs, and then pulled the white shirt directly over the latex. The shirt was stained with paint - she usually wore it while painting her paintings, if she was not wearing the latex. Without taking off her high shoes, she went downstairs.

Taking a bag of food with her, Olga went out into the bright sun. She no longer cared whether people would notice her shiny, jet-black arms or the turtleneck protruding from the stretched collar of her shirt.

She was heading to a park a few blocks away, enjoying the heat, increasing her perspiration, and making fluids move freely under the thick rubber.

Olga sat down at the picnic table and began to have breakfast, watching people walking around, and her excitement grew from the feeling of tight latex and the fact that she so boldly wears all this in public. Olga decided that tonight she needed to be tied up and locked up in the warehouse: it would be a reward for such hard work. Olga felt a tingling sensation in her pussy as she finished her meal and walked back to her attic listening to her high heels clicking on the sidewalk. The chest under the shirt itched unbearably, but she could not rub it in any way.

Olga cautiously climbed the steps to her attic. Her mind was lost in dreams of how she would be helplessly bound in total darkness, and her nipples would scream in pain, and her pussy and ass would vibrate mercilessly. She had already decided that she would begin her adventure tonight from the far side of the warehouse - a part she had always avoided due to the many pillars supporting the heavy roof.

There were also many sinkholes and waves on the uneven floor. Olga wandered there only with her eyes open and still almost fell several times, walking on the uneven floor on her high heels. But 

she still felt that she needed additional difficulties in order to increase the feeling of helplessness.

She took off her T-shirt and leggings. For today's adventure, she decided to wear a rubber catsuit. Before closing her eyes, she also wanted to change her shoes and add a few restrictions. Olga opted for thigh-high boots with high heels, one of her hardest belts with garter straps, and small breast cups. Over the catsuit, she decided to wear a tight latex dress that made her look like a caterpillar.

Olga knew that she would have to wait a long time until the ice melted and she could remove any of her shackles. She rushed back to her dressing room, unbuttoned the catsuit crotch, lubricated the vibrating plug, and slowly began to push it up the ass, moaning as she snapped into place.

The vibrator jumped into her wet pussy, making her moan again as she felt it slide deep inside her. Olga slowly zipped up the catsuit and sat up, purring, in her tight rubber suit. Olga pulled on a metal belt with pins in the cups, squeezing her breasts into hard cups and her crotch into rough metal, then pushed her legs into her boots.

Olga zipped up her boots and tied the bootlegs tightly around her thighs, then fastened wide handcuffs around her ankles, leaving a short chain between them. The chain was much shorter than the one she usually used, but Olga was very aroused and was eager to get started.

As soon as her boots were tied together, Olga began flexing in a tight latex dress, grunting and cursing herself for clasping her legs so hastily ...