Subtypes of group family sex.

Subtypes of group family sex.

Now, after so many years, having, so to speak, already experience incestuous sex, I want to say that I am convinced that incest is necessarily a consequence of some particular sexual orientation, the reasons for it lie in the area of ​​the specificity of sexual feelings towards a particular loved one in the family.

In this particular case of mine, we will talk about the pleasures received in my family, where my dad and I, his daughter, are perfectly devoted to pleasures, realizing that this is our family secret in the family, and sex should be easy. Then, having become older, my dad told me to meet my future husband, so that he also liked incestual in the family and, of course, incestuous family sex itself.

I met this one and got married, gave birth to a daughter. I know families where mother and son, brother and sister indulge in pleasure, where parents indulge in pleasure with their children, both same-sex and heterosexual. Incest also in no way can be a sexual perversion.

It is curious that the cases of incestuous sex in the family, cited in sexological works, surveys, fully confirm the presence of a sweeter at times receiving pleasure in sex with a loved one. Only the prejudices of the taboo of incestuous sex by society make it difficult to see and admit that incest in families is becoming more and more acceptable, and the given data indicate just the absence of sexual perversion, because real incest occurs without violence, by mutual attraction and mutual sympathy for each other.

Incest is not a disease and not a crime - but a life favorable, for its embodiment, a case. And if people are happy with each other, let's leave them alone. Actually, I wrote this article in order to warn some against insane interference, and for others, who are already finding it difficult, to give an understanding of the situation, consolation, and I want to talk about my sex with dad. And, finally, for simply curious readers - the view of a sane and competent "sinner" in this topic on this phenomenon, the phenomenon of family incestuousness and family incestual of already real sweet sex.

Attractions, which then develop into passionate family sex, appear from early childhood, as it was with me, and most often with masturbation and even with a high sex drive, a son to mother, daughter to father, less often a son to father, daughter to mother. Well, the latter is now more common, and due to the pandemic, the percentage of sex in the family will increase at times, even if most people have an absolute taboo on all this.

When I read revelations about incest in families, then if there is a sensuality in life from such sex, then it also pulls on frankness, to tell about your most intimate and secret. Already easily aroused by what I was about to tell, and this is of course my incestuous sex, I thought about the injustice that incestuous sex is tabooed by society.

Here I am now 23, married, a daughter is growing up, with us now both my husband and my father's friend in our family incestuous sex. We are all great, we are doing it with love and tenderness sex, we are happy! Sometimes, looking back, I understand that the days I spent with my dad were distinguished not only by the sophistication and regularity of our sexual encounters with him, but also by my attitude to him, to our secret with my dad, because this is rare and with each such spent with him in the afternoon, I loved him more and more, and I still love him, some kind of incomprehensible even for me, passionate love, in which everything was mixed: the feelings of a beloved and loving daughter and the desire of an adult lustful woman - a bitch who so wants to experience passion, to try something that others are very rarely given.

I like all this madly, and it’s still very pleasing that all of this tickles our nerves, psyche, all of ours, which is taboo, and even the very idea that my dad has me, such an interesting, fit, slender, which women are staring at, building him eyes, they even try sometimes, knowing of course that I am his daughter standing next to him, but nevertheless flirt with dad, seeing my jealousy.

Now I am tempted to tell, boast, share, although I used to really want to tell, I kept everything to myself. Some people have no idea that behind the wall or in the neighborhood, a family lives, which in public seems to be ordinary, correct in many aspects of life, but in fact turns out to be sexual, incestuous and their sex in the family is their secret, and they consider their sex to be exactly for enjoyment, not for procreation. That they consider themselves the heirs of that Ancient Russia, before its Baptism, when sex with a family of Russians, Russians, was considered the norm.

Recently, and especially now, in quarantines due to the coronavirus, many families have become addicted to incest, and some even began to practice it. Finding articles about the sexual culture of Ancient Russia, sex in the family is indeed becoming more and more the norm. Incest porn stories include intimate relationships between brother and sister, cousins ​​and cousins, aunts and nephews, son and mother, daughter and father, grandson and grandmother, granddaughter and grandfather.

For lovers of lesbian caresses, there are also subspecies of group family sex, daughters and mothers, sisters with each other, sisters with their mother, and even with a grandmother, there are also subspecies of homosexual incestuous relationships between son and father, brothers. People are more and more eager to tell, albeit anonymously, their real stories about intimate, sexual intimacy between relatives, someone describes it hotly and fascinatingly, and someone shortly, modestly, but nevertheless - incestual family sex was, is, and will be.