Teacher and student - love - humiliation

Teacher and student - love - humiliation

             Anna Alekseyevna uzhe neskol'ko minut bespokoyno khodila po komnate. S minuty na minutu dolzhen priyti muzh, a ona dazhe ne znala, kak smotret' yemu v glaza. V myslyakh vso yeshche krutilsya tot durmanyashchiy seks, ot kotorogo do sikh por kruzhitsya golova i podkashivayutsya nogi... Dnom Anna Alekseyevna proveryala zachotnyye raboty v svoyom kabinete — ona prepodavala fiziku v vuze. Uspeshnaya kar'yera, schastlivyy brak, zabotlivyy muzh — o takoy zhizni mechtayet kazhdaya. No Anne khotelos' drugogo. Vse yeyo mysli zanimal on — naglyy, vysokomernyy, no chertovski privlekatel'nyy student Gleb. S nim ona zabyvala pro raznitsu v vozraste i snova chuvstvovala sebya malen'koy devchonkoy. Oni tselovalis' na razvode mostov, propadali v nochnykh klubakh, ubegali ot politsii na mototsikle i plavali noch'yu v chuzhom basseyne. Vot tol'ko seksa ne bylo. Gleb prosil, a ona ne razreshala. «Vdrug muzh uznayet!» — govorila ona i pochti vsegda posle etogo ukhodila. No odnazhdy studentu nadoyelo zhdat' i prosit'. Eto sluchilos' segodnya. Na odnoy iz par, kogda u Anny bylo okno, on vorvalsya v yeyo kabinet i nastoychivo potseloval yeyo. Ona v mig poteryala golovu i zabyla pro svoi raboty. Gleb rezko podnyal yeyo i prizhal k stene. Odna ruka bluzhdala pod yeyo bluzoy, a drugaya zadirala yubku. — Gleb! Ne zdes', — vydavila Anna. Ona byla raspalena i vso yeye telo, istoskovavsheyesya po muzhskoy laske, zhazhdalo byt' v yego vlasti. — Khvatit, Anya! Nikto ne voydot.


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Anna Alekseevna had been walking restlessly about the room for several minutes. Her husband should come any minute, and she didn't even know how to look him in the eye. In my thoughts, that intoxicating sex was still spinning, from which my head was still spinning and my legs were giving way ...

In the afternoon, Anna Alekseevna checked her credits in her office - she taught physics at the university. A successful career, a happy marriage, a caring husband - everyone dreams of such a life. But Anna wanted something else. All her thoughts were occupied by him - an arrogant, arrogant, but devilishly attractive student Gleb. With him, she forgot about the age difference and again felt like a little girl. They kissed on bridges, disappeared in nightclubs, ran away from the police on a motorcycle, and swam at night in someone else's pool. But there was no sex. Gleb asked, but she did not allow it. "Suddenly the husband finds out!" - she said and almost always left after that.

But one day the student got tired of waiting and asking. It happened today. On one of the couples, when Anna had a window, he burst into her office and kissed her insistently. She instantly lost her head and forgot about her work. Gleb abruptly lifted her up and pushed her against the wall. One hand wandered under her blouse, and the other lifted her skirt.

- Gleb! Not here, - Anna managed to squeeze out. She was inflamed and her whole body, yearning for a man's affection, longed to be in his power.

- Enough, Anya! Nobody will come in.

He abruptly sat down on his knees and now she is above him. His face was under her skirt, and his lips gently kissed her panties.

- Gleb! They will see us, - she protested, and the body demanded his caress. He carefully handled her pussy and did not dare to take off her little white panties yet. His hands caressed her thighs, his lips sucked her juices through the thin fabric.

Suddenly footsteps were heard outside the door. Anna Alekseevna abruptly pushed the student away and straightened her skirt. When the steps passed her office and died away in the distance, Anna Alekseevna said:

- Today I have at 4, - and left, taking the training manual and the phone. Gleb stood for a minute or two and went out after her.

After university, Anna returned home and, in the hustle and bustle of household chores, completely forgot that they were soon to come to her. The doorbell caught her at the most unexpected moment - she was in the toilet. Quickly relieving herself, she went out and went to open the door. Gleb stood on the threshold. Without further ado, he entered and after a few seconds, they intertwined in a passionate kiss. At the sight of this student, Anna Alekseevna often lost her head and forgot absolutely everything.

From the hallway, they moved to the room on the sofa. Gleb wasted no time, and now his hands are already caressing Anna's hips. The woman tried to stop him, said something about the fact that she was not ready, but he didn't care. He gently took off her panties and felt slightly salty droplets on his lips.

- Gleb, I'm uncomfortable. I recently returned from 

toilet! Let me go to the bathroom for a while and come back ... - said Anna, blushing with shame. But her words were drowned in groans of pleasure. Gleb carefully licked his teacher's pussy, teased the clitoris, and examined the vagina. The student did everything so tenderly and affectionately, and after a while, Anna finished. The guy sucked the female juices with such pleasure that Anna Alekseevna choked with pleasure and unforgettable sensations. Gleb tore off such an attractive pussy of his beloved woman and returned to her full soft lips, which turned reddish from kisses.

- Anechka, - Gleb said intermittently, - let's try something new.

- What?

- In the ass.

- What? No, Gleb, just not today.

- Why?

- I told you I didn't take a shower!

- I don't care, - Gleb took off his pants and now his penis is slowly entering the vagina. Anna gasped with pleasure again and closed her eyes. Gleb, meanwhile, continued to persuade his partner to try anally. Anna explained through her braiding tongue that now they should not try anally, because she is not ready, not physically, not mentally. She also said that her anus will open easily because she is a married woman.

- And what does this have to do with it? - asked Gleb. He had already left Anna and was now tenderly kissing her tummy and breasts. It was difficult for the woman to concentrate, she often lost the thread of the conversation, because the emotions were off the scale, and the excitement was too strong.

- Tell me, do you know that in marriage, men often have their wives anally? After all, this is a great way to definitely avoid pregnancy.

- Therefore?..

- Yes.

Anna tried to distract him with conversations so that he did not dare to try her anally. But Gleb was difficult to dissuade. Having finished with caresses and, despite the woman's quite serious protests, he began to slowly insert a member into her anus. “It excites me so much, honey,” he whispered. His cock walked lightly and without lubrication. Only later did Gleb see particles of feces on his trunk, but even that did not stop him. And with even greater eagerness he began to have her in the ass. Because of such extreme copulation, Gleb finished first, and Anna, as a token of gratitude, gently kissed the student.

An hour later, Gleb left, leaving the teacher to enjoy wonderful memories.

At 9 o'clock, Anna met her husband from work, and after dinner, they had brilliant sex.