The card sex game

Sex Game

The essence of the Sex Game is "Pull the fant, complete the task"

However, despite its seeming simplicity, it is surprisingly exciting and exciting and is built primarily on the fact that it helps the participants to psychologically relax, doing everything with humor and pleasure. Sometimes you want not just sex, but unusual and exciting sex. In order not to rack your brains for a long time, inventing how to diversify sex - we have collected sexual tasks for you and made cards out of them. Forfeit cards with erotic tasks are divided into three categories: green, to get closer; yellow to wind up, warm up and undress; red to excite and drive crazy.

The green phantoms with erotic tasks contain seemingly innocent games of a doctor, a boat, dancing, harmless kisses, and other pranks. With the help of these cards, you can get closer to your partner and relieve tension, cheer him up, and increase the degree of confidence in yourself. After these cards, you can move on to more serious sexual activities.

Yellow forfeits will help you with this.

These cards contain more explicit erotic tasks. Like spanking the ass, hugging, kissing for real. Among the yellow cards are stripping tasks so that you come to the next stage in full sexual readiness.erotic tasks

Red forfeits are already explicit sexual assignments.

If you still have clothes on your body, then before the drawing of red cards it would be time to get rid of them, they will only interfere. The red cards contain tasks that involve close sexual contact. For example, techniques and techniques from the Kama Sutra, sexual positions, and tasks offering to engage in vaginal, oral, and anal sex. How long you can play red cards is entirely up to you. But it is unlikely that you will be able to play all the red forfeits on the first try.

Sex Game

We do not limit you to any rigid framework of the rules of the game. You have cards with tasks, and how you will use them depends entirely on your desires and capabilities. You can play all erotic forfeits in sequence. You can mix cards with sex tasks during the game. After completing an easy card, replace it with a tougher one. In general, you can sort only the cards you like of different colors, mix them up and take and execute one at a time from the top. There is no gender division for players in the cards, that is, any fant can be performed by any player, regardless of whether he is a man or a woman. But performing a fantasy often requires players of different genders. Therefore, you can select for a sex game only cards in which the gender of the opponent is not rigidly specified.erotic tasks

How to play the sex game - "Pull the phantom, complete the task" - we have explained to you. Now how to make cards.Sex Game

Cards are printed on A4 paper using a regular printer. It is desirable, but not necessary, that it be colored. Black and white forfeits can be color-coded after printing. 9 cards are placed on one A4 sheet. It is advisable to take thick paper for cards: Whatman paper or photographic paper so that the drawing on the backside does not shine through. First, the odd-numbered pages with the text of the task are printed, then they are turned over and the card backs (even-numbered pages) are printed on the backside. If your printer supports double-sided printing, then you don't need to do anything special - the printer will print everything itself and tell you how to turn and insert the paper. That is, in this case, the file must be printed in its entirety.sexual

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