You know ... I love her.

You know ... I love her.

The head hurts in the morning. And I don't want to get up at all. I turned and ... she was gone. Absolutely. But she was always with me on Saturday in bed ... I understand that she left. Damn! .. Well, why did I go to the bar yesterday? To cry from glasses in hand - today is my birthday, and she didn't even ask what I want ...

Yes, I was at the bar with my friends who did not understand my gloomy mood. And I just could not understand why they didn’t ask me what my soul wants as a gift. Or maybe I want to go to warm Spain? See their beauty, enjoy life ...

Who brought me from that bar? Girlfriends? They shouldn't have ... We drank ourselves, and we had no cars ... Damn, tell me the name of that institution again, so that I never appear there in my life. It's a shame how. In front of everyone who was there.

But why did she leave? Because you are tired of my nonsense? Tired of me? Or because of my drunkenness yesterday? .. So - almost three years of relationship, sex, and love, but she left. Probably, she went to another, who is not stupid like me. Which will mean more to her. And he will not be blunt ...

Tears run down my cheeks. And I can't even stop them. And I don’t want to - it’s not me crying, it’s my soul ... Nobody forbade me to cry ... And I don’t care that my crying is heard, probably, by the neighbors. Well, let them listen - here I am: the idiot, from whom the best woman in the world left. I'm not exaggerating - she really is the best. And I am calm and comfortable with her. Hot and orgasmic. But ... She left. It was on my birthday that she left me.

The phone rang. Oh, she's calling ... As if she feels responsible for me. Or feels that she has not yet punished me completely ...

- Woke up already? - her voice was so calm that I wanted to throw a pillow at her ..

- So what? - and here I am already dying. I so want to hug her.

- Does your head hurt? .. Get dressed and go have breakfast in the kitchen. - she doesn't even understand how it hurts me without her?

“I don’t want to dress.” And anyway ... Got it? - I myself do not know what should be in general and what she should have understood. But an anarchist has awakened in me. I'm going to go naked to the kitchen right now - there, outside the window, we have one "telescopist". From the next house, he is spying on us. But only on weekends - on workdays he is at work, no matter how punny it sounds ... And today, if my memory serves me right, it's Saturday. I wonder if this will be treason on my part? Or can I take it as revenge?

I went to the bathroom. You need to help yourself. And feel sorry for yourself. So ... Face without makeup - and I don't need makeup. And for whom should I paint? She's probably already on the other. I'm just lonely beauty. Only now the beauty's eyes are red from tears.

Well, now, I'll have breakfast and won't need anyone. I will suffer from depression. And I will even die alone. Let ... It will be easier.

When I entered the kitchen, I saw her green eyes - she was standing near the stove and smiled so slyly. As if she was evaluating me by some kind of standard. And she didn’t go anywhere ... She didn’t leave me ... But, at the set table, my mom and dad sat in silence. The ones that were supposed to be at home now. Kilometers over 500. For some reason, my mom looked at me a little surprised. But father ... His face became so red, his mouth opened ... But why are they all silent? .. And why does she smile as if I were complete without? ...

- Ahh. - I am without clothes. Absolutely. And now I felt really ashamed. Well? .. The diploma of the main fool will get me again. And with this thought, I fly out of the kitchen and rush into the bedroom. To hide under the covers. So that no one can find me.

- Zaya ... Well ... Get dressed! .. Please ... - she found me. In just a minute. She knows where I can hide. - Your parents are waiting for you ... They haven't seen you for a long time, just like you have seen them.

- Am I a fool? .. I burst in like this ... I ... - I was ashamed. How could I have come to this?

- You're not a fool, Zaya ... And I love you. - but this is already serious. So I threw back the blanket, revealing myself in front of myself. - I even love a drunk ... After all, it was I who brought you yesterday from the bar ... Your friends called me ...

- Do you love me? .. Honestly, honestly? .. - I fell into her arms. And it became so cozy and warm. - Sorry for my booze. I felt so lonely ...

- I love you ... And I will always tell you this ... - She was serious. - And don't doubt yourself anymore. And don't drink - you can't drink. You confessed to me in the car yesterday ... And I learned a lot ...

- And I love you. After the second glass of wine, I was carried away ... And I don't remember anything ... Did you ask them to come? - I knew that it was she who invented everything with my parents, but I'm a fool.

- I want to surprise you. The most real. Well, let's go? - She kissed me tenderly.

- What is the surprise? Very pleasant? - I fell out of bed.

- If I say, there will be no surprise. She smiled. “But you’ll like him, I think.” I just finished cooking it this morning.

- Exactly? !! Let's go! I want a surprise ... - I almost reached the bedroom door.

- You forgot to get dressed, Zaya. - she starts to smile again. - We're not alone in the apartment.

- Oh ... Sorry ... - I rushed to the closet. I can dress quickly. Even if I bang a few times while dressing on the floor.

- How I love you. Let's go. - she appreciated my efforts. She even lifted me off the floor.

And in the kitchen, mom and dad sat in silence. What could they say? Naked daughter burst in to eat? Well yes, ashamed. But, she actually remains their daughter.

- And here we are! Sorry for the delay. - my woman was so serious.

- Mom ... Dad ... Hello ... Sorry! .. - I rush to my family with hugs. How have I not seen them for a long time?

- Hello, docha ... You don’t like us anymore ... meet us. - Mom smiled. And I just blushed. - It's good that you have such a girl who cares about you.

- A ... Oh ... - I was lost. Mom immediately knew that this was my girlfriend. - How did you know that we are? ..

- When you always talked about your university girlfriend, with whom you rent an apartment, I believed. But today ... You know, if you studied at the same university, then in very different years. - Mom smiled.

- And ... So that's simple? .. - Well, of course, mine is seven years older than me. But I love her like that.

- You know ... I love her. We have been together for three years ... And now I want to make her a gift for her birthday ... In front of you. - mine takes out of his pocket ... a ring ... a real one. - Will you marry me, Zaya?

- YES! Yes Yes Yes! I will be your wife! - I felt a lightness in my soul. And from my scream, everyone was almost deaf.

- Then we are going to Spain in a week. As you wanted ... To the wedding. And your parents are coming with us. - she takes out four plane tickets from a folder on the countertop ...

Here it is, my surprise. At the time when I thought that she did not even remember my desire, she undertook to translate everything into reality. And then I remembered about mine ... And flew out of the kitchen. Shouting "I am now!"

- Here ... I also wanted to ask you to marry me ... But I wanted to do it in a month - on your birthday. It should have been a surprise for you. - I run into the kitchen again. I hold the coveted box in my hands. - I wanna be with you.

Damn ... I was happy - yes, I needed this woman who loves me before my turbidity. After all, only with her, I am a complete fool - she loves me like that. Let everyone at work know me as the smartest and most confident deputy director of the school. Everyone knows that I can handle all the problems. And I don't just get my salary ... But, I like my drug addiction from my beloved. I just don’t know why I’m like this - maybe because of my versatile personality? .. But I think that this is what my beloved woman likes me.

Oh, I haven't told you the main thing - I'm not a blonde at all ... Surprised? .. But my favorite is a real natural blonde. And I love her. With all my foolishness. Honestly. Only her.